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Paul Trijbits

Paul Trijbits



Alone in Berlin (2016)


Lay the Favorite (2012)

Lay the Favorite (promoted as Lay the Favourite in the UK) is a 2012 American comedy film starring Bruce Willis and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Based on Beth Raymer's memoir of the same title, the film follows a young, free-spirited woman as she journeys through the legal and illegal world of sports ga...

Jane Eyre (2011)

The film begins with Jane Eyre running away from Thornfield Hall in the middle of the night and finding herself alone on the moors, in the pouring rain. She manages to reach the doorstep of Moor House, the home of Mr. St. John Rivers, a clergyman, and his two sisters. They take Jane in, saving he...

Chatroom (2010)

William is a depressed teen recovering from self-harm and regularly goes online to chat rooms. He one day decides to open a chat room himself and calls it "Chelsea Teens!" and quickly makes friends. He meets Jim, another depressed kid; Eva, a model; Emily, a goody two-shoes; and Mo, a normal kid....

Tamara Drewe (2010)

Set in Ewedown, a fictitious village in Dorset, England. Tamara Drewe, a young and attractive journalist, returns home with the intention of selling her now-deceased mother's house which she has inherited, and in which she grew up. Locals are amazed at the improvement in her appearance after she ...

Deep Water (2006)

Deep Water is a documentary film, directed by Jerry Rothwell and Louise Osmond, produced by Jonny Persey, opening in the UK on 15 December 2006. It is based on the true story of Donald Crowhurst and the 1969 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race round the world alone in a yacht. The film has received cr...

This Is England (2006)

In 1983 12-year-old schoolboy Shaun (Thomas Turgoose) gets into a fight at school after a classmate, Harvey (Michael Socha), makes an offensive joke about his father, who died in the Falklands War. On his way home, Shaun runs into a group of young skinheads led by Woody (Joseph Gilgun), who feels...

Shooting Dogs (2005)

Shooting Dogs, released in the United States as Beyond the Gates, is a 2005 film, directed by Michael Caton-Jones and starring John Hurt, Hugh Dancy and Clare-Hope Ashitey. It is based on the experiences of BBC news producer David Belton, who worked in Rwanda during the Rwandan Genocide. Belton i...

Touching the Void (2003)

Touching the Void is a 2003 Docudrama based on the book of the same name by Joe Simpson about Simpson's and Simon Yates' disastrous and near fatal attempt to climb Siula Grande (6,344m) in the Cordillera Huayhuash in the Peruvian Andes in 1985.

Hardware (1990)

In the 21st century, most of the world has been reduced to a radioactive wasteland. People exist in industrialized slums kept running on outdated and decaying computer technology. A nomad zone tripper comes across the remains of a robot buried in the sand. He collects the pieces and takes them to...