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Pepe Serna

Pepe Serna

Birthdate: July 23, 1944


Man From Reno (2015)


Cake (2015)


White on Rice (2009)

Jimmy (Hiroshi Watanabe) loves dinosaurs and sleeps on the top bunk. Unfortunately, Jimmy is 40 and shares that bunk with Bob (Justin Kwong), his 10-year-old nephew. Freshly divorced, Jimmy lives with his sister Aiko (Nae Yuuki) and her family while boldly searching for a new wife. His brother in...

The Black Dahlia (2006)

In Los Angeles, California, on January 15, 1947, police officers Dwight 'Bucky' Bleichert (Josh Hartnett) and Lee Blanchard (Aaron Eckhart), investigate the murder of Elizabeth Short (Mia Kirshner). As he is investigating, Bucky learns that Elizabeth was an aspiring actress, although she had not ...

Big Dreams Little Tokyo (2006)

The film tells the story of Boyd (played by Boyle), an American with an uncanny ability to speak Japanese. Boyd aspires to succeed in the world of Japanese business but finds himself mostly on the outside looking in. Meanwhile, his roommate Jerome (Jayson Watabe), is a Japanese American who has a...

Latin Dragon (2004)

In the grand tradition of the lone hero who mysteriously appears in a town desperate for help (think "Shane, "Billy Jack", "James Bond" and "Chinese Connection"), having survived a war and now serving the government as an undercover agent, Danny Silva takes on his biggest foe yet: the street gang...

The Brave (1997)

The film concerns a Native American man named Raphael who lives with his wife and two children in a remote community near a rubbish dump selling whatever he can to make a living. Raphael, seeing the hopelessness of his situation and his inability to provide for his family, agrees to star in a snu...

A Million to Juan (1994)

The story begins with a narration by Alejandro Lopez as he retells the events of his father's life, Juan Lopez (Paul Rodriguez), and how by selling oranges changed their lives. Juan was born on a strawberry field in Bakersfield, California, but due to hardship, his mother decided to relocate to M...

American Me (1992)

The film depicts 30 years of Chicano gang life in Los Angeles. It focuses on Montoya Santana (Panchito Gomez), a teen who, with his friends, J.D. (Steve Wilcox) and Mundo (Richard Coca), form their own gang. They soon find themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time and are arrested. In juven...

Conagher (1991)

The film opens with the Teale family moving west on a wagon into Indian Territory. They reach their home, and plan to go on the cattle business. The father, Jacob, rides out to get the cattle, promising to return in a month. However, he is killed along the way when his horse falls over on him, an...

The Rookie (1990)

Sgt. Nick Pulovski and his partner, Powell, are assigned to the case of taking down the criminal empire of a German felon, Strom, who engages in grand theft auto and chop shop operations. During an encounter with Strom and his men, who are loading a semi-trailer truck with stolen cars, Powell is ...

The Forgotten (1989)

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Caddyshack II (1988)

Kate Hartounian (Jessica Lundy) is the daughter of a wealthy and widowed real estate developer of Armenian and Jewish descent. Eager to improve her lot in life, she makes friends with Miffy Young (Chynna Phillips) a snooty WASP girl, who encourages her and her father to join their country club. K...

Fandango (1985)

In 1971 at a fraternity house on the University of Texas campus in Austin, Texas, Gardner Barnes (Kevin Costner) is throwing darts at a picture of himself and his ex-girlfriend (Suzy Amis). He rejoins the graduation party going on downstairs, but not before tearing the picture in half. Gardner is...

Silverado (1985)

Emmett (Scott Glenn) is ambushed by three men while he sleeps in a deserted shack. In a brief gunfight, he kills all of the assailants. As he sets out for the town of Silverado, Emmett finds a man, Paden (Kevin Kline), lying in the desert, having been robbed and left to die. Emmett and Paden sto...

Red Dawn (1984)

An introductory text explains how the United States has gradually become strategically isolated after several European nations, excluding the United Kingdom, withdraw their membership in NATO. At the same time, the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact partners aggressively expand their sphere of infl...

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984)

Banzai prepares to test his Jet Car, a modified Ford F-350 pickup truck powered by a jet engine, and capable of exceeding Mach 1. The car is also equipped with a secret device called an "oscillation overthruster," which Banzai and his associates hope will allow it to drive through solid matter. T...

Scarface (1983)

In 1980, Cuban refugee Tony Montana (Al Pacino) arrives in Miami during the Mariel boatlift. He, along with his best friend Manny Ribera (Steven Bauer), and their friends and associates Angel (Pepe Serna) and Chi-Chi (Ángel Salazar), are sent to "Freedom Town," a refugee camp. In exchange for kil...

Vice Squad (1982)

When Los Angeles' police force down-on-her-luck businesswoman-turned-prostitute "Princess" (Season Hubley) to help capture a murderous pimp named Ramrod (Wings Hauser), it's Princess's life that is put on the line. Soon, the escaped killer is after her, and vice squad detective Tom Walsh (Gary Sw...

Inside Moves (1980)

After a failed suicide attempt leaves a man named Roary (John Savage) partially crippled, he finds himself living in a run-down house in Oakland, California. He spends a lot of time at a neighborhood bar, which is full of other disabled people, and becomes best friends with Jerry (David Morse), t...