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Peter Sellers

Peter Sellers

Birthdate: September 8, 1925

Deathdate: July 24, 1980

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Richard Henry Sellers, CBE (8 September 1925 – 24 July 1980), known as Peter Sellers, was a British comedian and actor best known as Chief Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther film series, for playing three different characters in Dr. Strangelove, as Clare Quilty in Lolita, and as the man-child and TV-addicted Chance the gardener in his penultimate film, Being There. Leadi... ...detailed bio


Trail of the Pink Panther (1982)

When the famous Pink Panther diamond is stolen once again from Lugash, Chief Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers) is called on the case despite protests by Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Herbert Lom). While on the case, Clouseau is followed by the mob who are seeking to assassinate him. Clouseau first go...

The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu (1980)

The opening titles announce it is set "possibly around 1933." The story concerns the 168-year-old Fu Manchu, who must duplicate the ingredients to the elixir vitae (which gives him extended life) after the original is accidentally destroyed by one of Fu's minions. When the diamond "The Star of Le...

The Prisoner of Zenda (1979)

In the 1979 version, the old King, Rudolf IV (Sellers), dies in a balloon accident upon the celebration of his seventieth birthday. In order to secure the throne, General Sapt and his nephew Fritz travel to London, where the king's son, Rudolf V (Sellers), resides and lives through the day in Lon...

Being There (1979)

Chance (Peter Sellers) is a middle-aged man who lives in the townhouse of an old, wealthy man in Washington D.C. He seems simple-minded and has lived there his whole life, tending the garden. Other than gardening, his knowledge is derived entirely from what he sees on television. When his benefac...

Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978)

Philippe Douvier, on the outside a respected business man, but secretly the leader of the French Connection, is facing a falling out with their New York Mafia drug trading partners because they believe him not capable of properly conducting business. To demonstrate otherwise, Douvier's aide Guy A...

The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976)

At a psychiatric hospital, former Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) is largely recovered from the murderous insanity that saw him repeatedly attempt to kill the thorn in his side, Inspector Jacques Clouseau. He is about to be released but Clouseau (Peter Sellers), who is now Chief Ins...

Murder by Death (1976)

A group of detectives, each accompanied by a relative or associate, is invited to "dinner and a murder" by the mysterious Lionel Twain. Having lured his guests to his mansion (the address of which is shown early on as "22 Lola Lane" and spoken later as "Two-Two Twain") managed by a blind butler a...

The Return of the Pink Panther (1975)

In the fictional country of Lugash, a mysterious thief breaks into the National Museum, sneaks past its elaborate security system, and makes off with the fabled Pink Panther diamond, leaving a white monogrammed glove with a gold-tinted "P" as a calling card. The Lugash Secret Police are brought i...

The Great McGonagall (1975)

In this high-camp farce, Goons legend Spike Milligan stars as William Topaz McGonagall, an unemployed Scottish weaver and aspiring poet laureate who falls in love with Queen Victoria - a brilliant cameo by Peter Sellers - and thereafter devotes his banal poetry to her. Though McGonagall's solicit...

Soft Beds, Hard Battles (1974)

Set in Nazi-occupied France, the story follows Major Robinson of the British Army. Installing himself at a French brothel, he tries to find out what the Germans are up to: in order to keep from being found out, he works with the men and women in the brothel. Simultaneously, he uses 6 disguises, i...

The Blockhouse (1973)

On D-Day, a mixed group of forced labourers held by German forces take shelter from the bombardment inside a German bunker, but are then entombed when the entrances are blocked by shelling damage. By coincidence, the bunker is a store house and they have enough food and wine to last them for year...

A Day at the Beach (1972)

Set in a rundown Danish seaside resort, it depicts a day in the life of Bernie, a self-destructive alcoholic (played by Mark Burns), as he takes Winnie (Beatie Edney), a young girl with a leg brace, to the resort despite constant rain. Though Winnie calls Bernie "uncle," it is very likely he is h...

Where Does It Hurt? (1972)

Where Does it Hurt? is a 1972 American comedy film directed by Rodney Amateau, and starring Peter Sellers, Jo Ann Pflug, and Rick Lenz.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1972)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is a 1972 British musical film based on the Lewis Carroll novel of the same name. It had an all star cast, and John Barry composed the score. In 1973, the film won the BAFTA Film Award at the BAFTA Awards Ceremony for Best Cinematography, won by Geoffrey Unsworth,...

There's a Girl in My Soup (1970)

There's a Girl in My Soup is a 1970 British comedy film, directed by Roy Boulting and starring Peter Sellers and Goldie Hawn. Sellers appears as Robert Danvers, a vain, womanizing and wealthy host of a high-profile cooking show. He meets Hawn's character, a no-nonsense American hippie living wit...

Hoffman (1970)

Hoffman is a 1970 British film directed by Alvin Rakoff and starring Peter Sellers, Sinéad Cusack, Jennifer Ruth Dunning and Jeremy Bulloch. Hoffman is the satirical tale of an older man, played by Peter Sellers, who invites a female employee to his flat in England. As the film progresses, it is...

The Magic Christian (1969)

Sir Guy Grand (Peter Sellers), an eccentric billionaire, together with his newly adopted heir (formerly a homeless derelict), Youngman Grand (Ringo Starr), start playing elaborate practical jokes on people. A big spender, Grand does not mind handing out large sums of money to various people, brib...

I Love You, Alice B. Toklas (1968)

Attorney Harold Fine (Sellers) is set to marry his longtime girlfriend Joyce, but is having deep second thoughts. He encounters his brother, a hippie living in Venice Beach, and falls for an attractive flower power hippie girl (played by Leigh Taylor-Young) who has a knack for making pot brownies...

The Party (1968)

The Party opens in the desert, then reveals a film crew making a Gunga Din-style costume epic. Unknown Indian actor Hrundi V. Bakshi (Sellers) plays a bugler, but continues to play even after being shot and after the director (Herbert Ellis) yells cut. Bakshi later accidentally blows up an enormo...

Woman Times Seven (1967)

Woman Times Seven (Sette Volte Donna in Italian) is a 1967 Italian/French/American co-production anthology film of seven different episodes, all starring Shirley MacLaine with most based on aspects of adultery.