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Peyton List

Peyton List

Birthdate: April 6, 1998


The Swap (2016)

Frustrated at how complicated their lives have gotten, tenth graders Ellie O'Brien and Jack Malloy text each other wishing they had each other's seemingly easier lifestyle. When they swap bodies, Ellie and Jack must navigate complex family dynamics, bullies, and friendship snafus all while trying...

The Thinning (2016)

In an overpopulated future high school students must pass an aptitude test to be allowed to proceed to adult life. But two students discover that the process is not what it seems, and hides a wider conspiracy.

Meeting Evil (2012)

Follows disillusioned young family man John as a mysterious stranger, Richie takes him on a murder-fueled ride that transforms the weak-willed John into a desperate hero willing to go to any length to protect his family.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (2012)

When the Heffley family attends a pool party at the local pool to start off the summer, Greg (Zachary Gordon) is found playing Twisted Wizard 2 on his PSP. The family meets a former trouble-making friend of Rodrick who is now a model student after attending a military school known as Spag Union. ...

Bereavement (2011)

The film begins with a psychotic maniac named Graham Sutter who offers a little boy with congenital analgesia named Martin Bristol his nephew's bike and kidnaps him. Graham cuts Martin's cheek then proceeds to butcher a young woman in front of Martin. Martin attempts to escape and makes a run for...

Something Borrowed (2011)

Rachel White (Ginnifer Goodwin) is a single attorney working in a New York law firm. After too many drinks on her 30th birthday, Rachel grabs a cab with Dex (Colin Egglesfield) and playfully reveals she has had a crush on him since law school. The problem is, Dex is also her best friend Darcy's (...

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010)

In AD 740, the mighty magician Merlin (James A. Stephens (actor)) has three apprentices. One, Maxim Horvath (Alfred Molina), betrays his master by joining forces with the evil sorceress Morgana le Fay (Alice Krige). Morgana mortally wounds Merlin before another apprentice, Veronica Gorloisen (Mon...

Remember Me (2010)

In 1991, an 11-year-old girl named Alyssa "Ally" Craig is with her mother on the New York City Subway platform, on the F Line at 18th Avenue and McDonald Avenue elevated station in Brooklyn. Suddenly, she witnesses her mother being murdered. She is scarred from the events, never going to the subw...

Secrets in the Walls (2010)

Molly, Lizzie (two sisters), and their mom, Rachel, move from the city to the suburbs, into a very old house. After many strange things begin to happen, Rachel does some research on the house's history and finds out that the house was owned in the 1950s by a 17-year-old German girl, Greta, and he...

Deep Winter (2008)

Maverick downhill racer, Tyler Crowe, reunites with best friend and renegade snowboarder, Mark Rider. It doesn't take long for the old friends to take on a new mission. Together they head to Alaska, where led by a veteran guide, the two attempt the most daring descent on snow ever caught on film....

Shuttle (2008)

Mel (Peyton List) and Jules (Cameron Goodman) are best friends returning to Los Angeles from a trip in Mexico. Seth (James Snyder) and Matt (Dave Power) arrive and introduce themselves to them. Jules takes Mel into the bathroom to help her deal with her motion sickness, where Mel tells her that s...

The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005)

Set mainly in 1913, the film is about Francis Ouimet, the first amateur to win a U.S. Open. Amateur Golf in that era was then a sport only for the wealthy, and Francis came from an immigrant family that was part of the working class. Francis watches an exhibition by legendary British golf pro Har...