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Philip Yordan

Philip Yordan

Birthdate: April 1, 1914

Deathdate: March 24, 2003


Battle for Terra (2007)

Mala (Evan Rachel Wood) and Senn (Justin Long) are young alien creatures who live on Terra, a planet from a solar system in the Milky Way. Terra is a peaceful planet of small alien creatures who have a rich semi-advanced culture. One day a large, mysterious object blocks the Terrian sun, piquing...

Night Train to Terror (1985)

God and Satan are on board a train and discuss the fate of three individuals. In the first story, "The Case of Harry Billings", a man is kidnapped and taken to an insane asylum where he is put under hypnosis and lures victims to be tortured and murdered as part of an organ-harvesting operation. T...

The Nightmare Never Ends (1980)

Police detective, Mitchell, investigating the death of a victim of a Nazi concentration camp discovers a nightclubbing playboy who has strange powers over women and is seemingly ageless.

Bad Man's River (1971)

Roy King's gang robs a bank and flees to Mexico on a train. Roy meets a beautiful woman, Alicia, and marries her, only to have her run off with all of the money. An offer comes his way to rob the arsenal of a Mexican army. A daring plan gets the job done, only to have Roy double-crossed once mor...

Captain Apache (1971)

An Indian discovers plans to assassinate the president when he was investigating another murder.

Krakatoa, East of Java (1969)

The story attempts to base events around the 1883 eruption of the volcano on the island of Krakatoa. The characters are engaged in the recovery of a cargo of pearls from a shipwreck perilously close to the volcano.

Custer of the West (1968)

With no better offers to be had, famous American Civil War upstart officer George Armstrong Custer takes over the Western Cavalry maintaining the peace in the Dakotas. He soon learns that the U.S. treaties are a sham, that Indian lands are being stolen and every excuse for driving them off their ...

Battle of the Bulge (1965)

Lt. Colonel Kiley (Fonda) and his pilot, Joe, are flying a reconnaissance mission over the Ardennes forest. Kiley spots something interesting and takes a picture. As the plane flies away, a group of camouflaged German tanks are revealed. On the ground, Hessler describes the hopelessness of the wa...

The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964)

In the late second century A.D., the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius fights to keep Germanic barbarians from invading his northern territories. His deputies are the Greek ex-slave Timonides (a closet Christian) and the stern and honest general Gaius Livius. Livius has close connections with the imp...

55 Days at Peking (1963)

55 Days at Peking is a dramatization of the siege of the foreign legations' compounds in Peking (now Beijing) during the Boxer Rebellion which took place in 1900 China. It is based on the film by Noel Gerson. Fed up by foreign encroachment, the Dowager Empress Tzu-Hsi uses the Boxer secret societ...

The Day of the Triffids (1962)

Triffids are plants. They are able to uproot themselves and walk, possess a deadly whipping poisonous sting, and may even have the ability to communicate with each other. On screen they vaguely resemble gigantic asparagus shoots topped with a flower-like 'head' which houses a whip-like, venomous ...

El Cid (1961)

General Ibn (pronounced Ben) Yusuf (Herbert Lom) of the Almoravid dynasty has summoned all the Emirs of Al-Andalus to North Africa and chastises them for their complacency in dealing with the infidels and reveals his plan for Islamic world domination. Later, while en route to his future bride Doñ...

King of Kings (1961)

In 63 BC, Pompey conquers Jerusalem and the city is sacked. The conqueror goes to the Temple to seize the treasure of Solomon and massacres the priests there. He discovers that the treasure is nothing but a collection of scrolls of the Torah. These he holds over a fire until an old priest reaches...

Day of the Outlaw (1959)

Blaise Starrett (Robert Ryan) is a ruthless cattleman at odds with homesteaders in a small, bleak western town in Wyoming called Bitters. A feud develops between Starrett and a local farmer Hal Crane. The farmer's wife Helen (Tina Louise) offers to renew a love affair with Starrett if he promises...

The Bravados (1958)

Jim (Gregory Peck) is a rancher who has been pursuing the four outlaws who he believes murdered his wife six months earlier. He rides into the town of Rio Arriba, where four men, Alfonso Parral (Lee Van Cleef), Bill Zachary (Stephen Boyd), Ed Taylor (Albert Salmi) and Lujan (Henry Silva), fitting...

God's Little Acre (1958)

Widower Ty Ty Walden (Robert Ryan) and his two daughters live in the backwoods of Georgia during the Great Depression. While Ty Ty searches for gold on his farm, his son-in-law Will (Aldo Ray) cheats on his wife Rosamund (Helen Westcott) with Griselda (Tina Louise). Ty Ty has been digging for gol...

Four Boys and a Gun (1957)

Four friends are involved in a robbery that resulted in the killing of a police officer.

Men in War (1957)

On 6 September 1950, an exhausted platoon of the 24th Infantry Division is cut off. In addition to losing radio contact, the platoon is harassed by unseen North Korean infiltrators who silently kill the Americans and take their weapons. Platoon commander Lieutenant Benson (Ryan) has only vague in...

The Wild Party (1956)

An ex-football brute (Anthony Quinn) and his beatnik gang take a rich girl (Carol Ohmart) and her boyfriend hostage (Arthur Franz) at a jazz joint.

The Harder They Fall (1956)

Sportswriter Eddie Willis is broke after the newspaper he works for goes under. He is hired by crooked boxing promoter Nick Benko to publicize his new boxer, a huge, but slow-witted and untalented Argentinian named Toro Moreno. Unbeknownst to Toro and his friend and manager Luís Agrandi, all of h...