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Preston Foster

Preston Foster

Birthdate: August 24, 1900

Deathdate: July 14, 1970

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Preston Foster (August 24, 1900 – July 14, 1970) was an American stage and film actor, and singer. Foster entered films in 1929 after appearing as a Broadway stage actor. He was appearing in Broadway plays as late as October 1931 when he acted in a play titled Two Seconds starring Edward J. Pawley. Some of his notable films include: Doctor X (1932), I Am a Fugitive from a Ch... ...detailed bio


The Time Travelers (1964)

Scientists Dr. Erik von Steiner (Preston Foster), Dr. Steve Connors (Philip Carey) and Carol White (Merry Anders) are testing their time viewing device, drawing enormous amounts of power. Danny McKee (Franken), a technician from the power plant, has been sent to tell them to shut down their exper...

Law and Order (1953)

Having cleaned up Tombstone, Arizona, marshal Frame Johnson (Ronald Reagan) quits after an attempted lynching. He hopes to settle down on a ranch near Cottonwood with his sweetheart Jeannie (Dorothy Malone). Before he can do so, he may have to clean up Cottonwood, too, making a great sacrifice to...

I, the Jury (1953)

Shortly before Christmas in New York, one-armed insurance investigator Jack Williams (Robert Swanger) is looking at a college yearbook photo of John Hansen when someone slips into his apartment and shoots him to death. Hot-headed private investigator Mike Hammer (Biff Elliot), Jack's war buddy, v...

Kansas City Confidential (1952)

Four robbers hold up an armored truck, getting away with over a million dollars in cash. Joe Rolfe (John Payne), a down-on-his-luck flower delivery truck driver is accused of being involved and is roughly interrogated by local police. Released due to lack of evidence, Joe, following the clues to ...

Tomahawk (1951)

In 1876 gold is discovered and the U.S. Army build a road and fort on territory ceded to the Sioux by an earlier treaty. Frontier scout Jim Bridger (Van Heflin), whose companion Cheyenne is the daughter of Sioux Chief Black Kettle and sister to his deceased wife, tries to prevent an all out war w...

The Big Night (1951)

On his teenaged son Georgie's birthday, Andy LaMain is beaten with a cane by Al Judge, a crippled newspaperman. He does not fight back, confusing Georgie, who also wonders why his widower Dad's girlfriend Frances did not come to the birthday party. Georgie gets a gun and goes looking for Judge, f...

I Shot Jesse James (1949)

Bob Ford of the Jesse James gang is wounded during a bank robbery. He mends at Jesse's home in Missouri for six months, although Jesse's wife Zee doesn't trust him. Cynthy Waters, an actress Bob is in love with, comes to town to perform on stage. Bob catches her speaking with John Kelley, a prosp...

The Hunted (1948)

A cop investigating a jewel robbery finds that all trails lead to his girlfriend - but she claims she's being framed.

Ramrod (1947)

Connie Dickason (Veronica Lake) is the strong-willed daughter of a ranch owner (Charles Ruggles), who is under the control of powerful local cattleman Frank Ivey (Preston Foster), a man her father once wanted Connie to marry. Connie instead takes up with a sheep rancher who is run out of town by ...

Strange Triangle (1946)

In this drama, a seductive woman uses her wiles upon both a traveling bank examiner and a manager to whom she is married. This woman has expensive taste and ends up spending all of her husband's money. She then begins trying to seduce the bank examiner, who doesn't know she is married to the mana...

Inside Job (1946)

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Thunderhead, Son of Flicka (1945)

Ken McLaughlin's (Roddy McDowall) mare Flicka gives birth to an all-white colt that, unknown to Ken's dad, Rob (Preston Foster), was actually sired by a neighboring rancher's thoroughbred racehorse, Appalachia, rather than Rob's own stallion, Banner. Ken's mother, Nell (Rita Johnson), names the c...

The Valley of Decision (1945)

The Valley of Decision (1945) is a film set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA in the late 19th century. It tells the story of a young Irish house maid who falls in love with the son of her employer, a local steel mill owner. The romance between Paul and Mary is endangered when Mary's family and fr...

Guadalcanal Diary (1943)

Concentrating on the personal lives of those involved, a war correspondent takes us through the preparations, landing and initial campaign on Guadalcanal during World War II.

My Friend Flicka (1943)

Wyoming ranchers Rob and Nell McLaughlin somewhat reluctantly give son Ken, 10, a chance to raise a horse and learn responsibility. He chooses a year-old filly and names her Flicka, which ranch hand Gus informs him is a Swedish word for "little girl." Rising debts and a "loco" strain have created...

Little Tokyo, U.S.A. (1942)

The story, set in late 1941, follows Los Angeles cop Michael Steele (Preston Foster) as he investigates a series of crimes involving the local Japanese American community. The story gradually reveals that the crimes are to cover up a Japanese American cabal's efforts to facilitate Japan's bombing...

Thunder Birds (1942)

Soon after the US enters World War II, Steve Britt (Preston Foster), a former World War I flying ace, arrives at Thunderbird Field looking for a job as a civilian primary flight instructor. The base commander is an old friend, Lt. Col. "Mac" MacDonald (Jack Holt); Squadron Leader Barrett (Reginal...

American Empire (1942)

Two men join forces to build a cattle empire, and battle rustlers, bad weather and each other.

Unfinished Business (1941)

With Irene Dunne, Robert Montgomery, Preston Foster, and Eugene Pallette. This sublime film exemplifies La Cava’s gift for creating comedies that contain a profound depth of feeling. Starting with a cruel joke – a couple of callow men make a bet that one of them can seduce the woman sharing their...

North West Mounted Police (1940)

Texas Ranger Dusty Rivers (Gary Cooper) is sent to Canada during the 1880s in pursuit of outlaw Jacques Corbeau (George Bancroft), arriving in the midst of the Riel Rebellion. Dusty meets nurse April Logan (Madeleine Carroll) and quickly falls in love with her. However, she is already involved wi...