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Puntti Valtonen

Puntti Valtonen



The Flight Before Christmas (2008)

Niko, a young reindeer, was told by Oona, his mother, that his father is one of the "Flying Forces", Santa's flying sled reindeer. Niko dreams of joining his dad as a flying reindeer but he is unable to fly. While trying to fly with the encouragement of Julius, a flying squirrel who takes on the ...

On the Road to Emmaus (2001)

On the Road to Emmaus (Finnish: Emmauksen tiellä) is a 2001 Finnish musical film written and directed by Markku Pölönen. With themes and title borrowed from Luke 24:13-27 of the New Testament, the film tells the story of Rane (Puntti Valtonen), a cynical real estate agent living in Helsinki, who ...

Hamlet Goes Business (1987)

Hamlet Goes Business (Finnish: Hamlet liikemaailmassa) is a 1987 Finnish comedy film directed by Aki Kaurismäki and starring Pirkka-Pekka Petelius.