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Reni Santoni

Reni Santoni

Birthdate: April 21, 1939

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Reni Santoni (born April 21, 1939) is an American film, television and voice actor. Santoni was born in New York City of French and Spanish descent. He began his career in off-Broadway theatre. His first significant film role was an uncredited appearance in the 1964 film The Pawnbroker, starring Rod Steiger, in which he played a junkie trying to sell a radio to the title ... ...detailed bio


28 Days (2000)

Gwen Cummings borrows the limo at her sister's wedding after ruining the reception with her drunken antics. She crashes the limo while she is on her cell phone trying to find a cake to replace the one she destroyed. She is given a choice between jail or 28 days in a rehab center. She chooses reha...

The Late Shift (1996)

Behind-the-scenes network politics embroil television executives responsible for late-night programming after 1991's unexpected retirement announcement of Johnny Carson (played by Rich Little) from The Tonight Show on NBC. Carson's permanent guest host Jay Leno (Daniel Roebuck) and the host of t...

Cobra (1986)

Marion Cobretti, codenamed "Cobra", (Stallone) is a police officer from a division of the Los Angeles Police Department known as the "Zombie Squad". He is called into a hostage situation at a grocery store when negotiations fail. Cobretti kills the gunman, but before his death the criminal mumble...

Radioactive Dreams (1986)

A nuclear war breaks out in 1996, expending the world's entire nuclear arsenal, except for one missile. Two children, Philip Chandler (John Stockwell) and Marlowe Hammer (Michael Dudikoff), are abandoned by their fathers in a fallout shelter cut into the side of a wooded mountain. The pair grow u...

Bad Boys (1983)

Mick O'Brien (Sean Penn) is a 16-year-old Irish-American hoodlum from Chicago. While most of Mick's crimes involve snatching purses, vandalism, and getting into brawls, he aspires for bigger and better things, which leads him to attempt ripping off a rival, Paco Moreno (Esai Morales). Everything ...

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982)

In the opening scene, John Hay Forrest (George Gaynes), noted scientist and cheesemaker, dies in a single-vehicle car accident (represented by the car wreck scene from Keeper of the Flame). In the next scene, private investigator Rigby Reardon (Steve Martin) is reading a newspaper when Forrest's ...

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (1977)

The film was directed by Anthony Page, follows a girl who is ill with cancer and schizophrenia. A doctor is asked to help her out of her state.

Dirty Harry (1971)

A sadistic serial killer calling himself "Scorpio" (Andy Robinson) murders a girl in a San Francisco swimming pool, using a high-powered rifle from a nearby rooftop. SFPD Inspector Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) finds a ransom message demanding the city pay him $100,000. Scorpio also promises th...

The Student Nurses (1970)

Four young women study to be nurses, and have various romantic adventures. Phred (Karen Carlson) falls for a sexy doctor, Jim. Priscilla (Barbara Leigh) has an affair with a free-spirited biker who gets her pregnant and leaves her, causing her to seek an abortion. Sharon (Elaine Giftos) forms a r...

Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969)

In late 19th-century Mexico, Federales capture Quintero, the revolutionary who attempts to rally the many disorganized groups opposing the dictatorship of President Díaz. Before going to prison, Quintero gives his lieutenant, Maximiliano O'Leary, $600 with which to continue the cause. Bandit chie...

Anzio (1968)

After meeting a general, war correspondent Dick Ennis (Robert Mitchum) is assigned to accompany US Army Rangers for the upcoming attempt to outflank the tough enemy defenses. The amphibious landing is unopposed, but the bumbling American general is too cautious, preferring to fortify his beachhea...

Enter Laughing (1967)

David Kolowitz (Santoni) works as a delivery boy and assistant for a machine shop in New York City in 1938, and is fascinated with the movies. Despite the misgivings of his girlfriend Wanda (Janet Margolin), his parents (Winters and David Opatoshu) and his employer (Jack Gilford), David follows ...