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Ricki Lake

Ricki Lake

Birthdate: September 21, 1968

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ricki Pamela Lake (born September 21, 1968) is an American actress and television host, best known for her starring role as Tracy Turnblad in the original Hairspray and for her talk show. Description above from the Wikipedia article Ricki Lake, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia. ...detailed bio


Gemini (2017)

Jill LeBeau is the assistant of Hollywood starlet Heather Anderson. Jill arrives at Heather's house one day to find her dead from a gunshot wound. With Detective Ahn's suspicion of Jill and her own world unraveling before her, she must solve the murder of her boss while also coming to grips with ...

Hairspray Live! (2016)


Loving Leah (2009)

Jake Lever (Adam Kaufman) is a successful cardiologist living in Washington, D.C. While at the hospital, he dreams that his brother, Benjamin, tells him that they are okay. Jake is confused and is baffled after learning later that day that his brother has died suddenly. He feels guilty for not ha...

The Business of Being Born (2008)

The Business of Being Born is a 2008 documentary film that explores the contemporary experience of childbirth in the United States. Produced by Ricki Lake, it compares various childbirth methods, including midwives, natural births, epidurals, and Cesarean sections. The film criticizes the America...

Park (2006)

Park is the name of an independent comedy-drama released in 2007. It was produced by Dana Jackson and directed by Kurt Voelker. The story revolves around a Los Angeles park, where ten colorful characters encounter love - and loss - in the course of one day. It received the Audience Award at the 8...

Cecil B. Demented (2000)

Honey Whitlock (Melanie Griffith) is a Hollywood A-list actress whose public persona is that of a sweet and considerate woman, but who is demanding and mean. She regularly uses profane language and makes unreasonable demands. While in Baltimore to attend a premiere, Honey is kidnapped by the mani...

Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery (1998)

Harry is in charge of the post office in a quiet little town of Virginia, and since her divorce will not hear of men. A handsome young man comes to town and all the neighbors try to match them. However, Harry, fond of mystery novels, suspects that the young is hiding a dark secret. She decides to...

Mrs. Winterbourne (1996)

With flashbacks, Connie Doyle's (Ricki Lake) early life is given to give us an idea of her mindset. At 18, she meets womanizer Steve DeCunzo (Loren Dean), moves in with him and winds up pregnant. When she informs him of the fact, he kicks her out, denying responsibility. Destitute, Connie has now...

Cabin Boy (1994)

Nathaniel Mayweather (Chris Elliott) is a snobbish, self-centered, virginal man. He is invited by his father to sail to Hawaii aboard the Queen Catherine. After annoying the driver, he is forced to walk the rest of the way. Nathaniel makes a wrong turn into a small fishing village where he meets ...

Serial Mom (1994)

Beverly Sutphin (Kathleen Turner) appears to be a typical suburban housewife living with her dentist husband Eugene (Sam Waterston) and their children, Misty (Ricki Lake) and Chip (Matthew Lillard) in the suburbs of Baltimore. Behind her chipper façade, however, she is a serial killer, murdering ...

Based on an Untrue Story (1993)

Perfume creator Satin Chow is about to reveal her new designer scent 'Puppy' when she is cruelly struck down by a rare condition called anosmia which robs her of her sense of smell, and could even kill her. With time fast running out, she begins a frantic search for the only people who can provid...

Skinner (1993)

Dennis Skinner is a likeable decent-looking lad, who is driven by a disturbing childhood; moonlights as a skid row slasher style, serial killer who tends to prey on hookers, in-between those co-workers of his who despise him as he does in return. Who punishes those (he finds offensive) in particu...

Where the Day Takes You (1992)

Fleeing abusive families, a group of teenage runaways form a protective family on their own, with King as their leader. King is a man in his early twenties who has been living on the street for over six years. In and out of jail, he spends most of his nights with Little J and Greg. Having spent t...

Cry-Baby (1990)

In 1954 Baltimore, Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker is the leader of a gang of "Drapes", which includes his sister Pepper, a teenage mother, Mona "Hatchet Face" Malnorowski, who is facially disfigured, Wanda Woodward, a wild and free-spirit, and Milton Hackett, the nervous son of overzealous religious acti...

Babycakes (1989)


Last Exit to Brooklyn (1989)

A group of sex trade workers, unionist activists and drag queens lead difficult lives, an existence of drugs, crime and violence in a working class Brooklyn neighborhood.

Cookie (1989)

Cookie Voltecki (Emily Lloyd) is the illegitimate daughter of mobster Dino Capisco (Peter Falk), who has just finished thirteen years in prison. Since being released from jail, all that Dino wants is to settle some old scores, and make up for lost time with his daughter. Cookie's mother, Lenore V...

Hairspray (1988)

Tracy Turnblad and her best friend, Penny Pingleton, audition for The Corny Collins Show, a popular Baltimore teenage dance show based on the real-life Buddy Deane Show. Penny is too nervous and stumbles over her answers, and Nadine is cut for being black (there is a 'Negro Day' on the show on th...