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Robert Lawrence

Robert Lawrence



Rock Star (2001)

Chris Cole (Mark Wahlberg) is a fanatical admirer of a 1980s heavy metal band called Steel Dragon. By day, Chris is a photocopier technician and by night, he is the lead singer of a Steel Dragon tribute band called Blood Pollution (the name is taken from a Steel Dragon song). Internal struggles a...

The Last Castle (2001)

Lieutenant General Eugene Irwin (Robert Redford) is brought to a maximum security military prison to begin a ten-year sentence for his decision (in violation of a presidential order) to send U.S. troops on a mission in Burundi, resulting in the deaths of eight soldiers. Colonel Winter (James Gand...

Down Periscope (1996)

Lieutenant Commander Thomas Dodge (Kelsey Grammer), a capable yet unorthodox US Navy officer, is about to be denied command of his own submarine for a third time because of his unconventional ways. Failure to secure a command will result in him being dropped from the command program and an assign...

Clueless (1995)

Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) is a good-natured but superficial girl who is attractive, popular, and extremely wealthy. A few months shy of her sixteenth birthday, she has risen to the top of the high-school social scene, and is happy and self-assured in her insular, fashion-obsessed world. ...

Rapid Fire (1992)

The film opens in Thailand, with Antonio Serrano (Nick Mancuso), a mafia drug distributor visiting long-time associate Kinman Tau (Tzi Ma), a drug kingpin. Serrano is having troubles and wants them to work together, but his request is not reciprocated. Turned off from politics after witnessing th...

A Kiss Before Dying (1991)

The film opens with a brief glimpse of a copper refinery owned by Thor Carlsson (Max von Sydow). The metal is shipped out on Carlsson Copper trains that run right behind a young boy's house, who stares out forlornly at the tracks. The film resumes at the University of Pennsylvania in 1987. A blon...

Is Paris Burning? (1966)

The film opens shortly after the 20 July plot as general Dietrich von Choltitz (Gert Fröbe) is appointed military governor of occupied Paris by Adolf Hitler (Billy Frick). Hitler believes von Choltitz will obey his order to not let the Allies capture Paris without the Germans destroying it comple...

Spartacus (1960)

In the 1st century BC, the Roman Republic has slid into corruption, its menial work done by armies of slaves. One of these, a proud and gifted man named Spartacus, is so uncooperative in his servitude that he is sentenced to fight as a gladiator. He is trained at a school run by the unctuous Roma...

Day of the Outlaw (1959)

Blaise Starrett (Robert Ryan) is a ruthless cattleman at odds with homesteaders in a small, bleak western town in Wyoming called Bitters. A feud develops between Starrett and a local farmer Hal Crane. The farmer's wife Helen (Tina Louise) offers to renew a love affair with Starrett if he promises...

City of Fear (1959)

An escaped convict, heading to Los Angeles, has gotten hold of a canister of a radioactive powder known as *Cobalt-60*, a substance dangerous enough to kill everyone in the city. What he doesn't know is that exposure to the element is slowly killing him, and the authorities must find him and the ...