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Robert Webber

Robert Webber

Birthdate: October 14, 1924

Deathdate: May 19, 1989

Over his 40-year career as one of Hollywood's veteran character actors, Robert Webber always marked his spot by playing all types of roles and was not stereotyped into playing just one kind of character. Sometimes he even got to play a leading role (see Hysteria (1965)). Webber first started out in small stage shows and a few Broadway plays and served a stint in the army before he landed the role of Juror 12 in 12... ...detailed bio


Something Is Out There (1988)

Two police officers investigate a series of brutal murders in which the victims have had bodily organs removed. When one of them questions a young woman who has been seen at the crime scenes, it turns out she is an alien from an interstellar prison ship and that the murders have been committed by...

Nuts (1987)

The film opens with the 1987 short, The Duxorcist, Starring Daffy Duck. This short is exclusive to this film. When call girl Claudia Draper kills client Allen Green in self-defense, her mother Rose and stepfather Arthur attempt to have her declared mentally incompetent by Dr. Herbert Morrison in ...

Assassin (1986)

Margaret Cho: Assassin is a stand up special performed by comedian Margaret Cho. It was recorded live in May of 2005 at the Warner Theater in Washington D.C. during her "State of Emergency" tour.

Wild Geese II (1985)

London 1982 As the only surviving Nazi leader in captivity, Rudolf Hess (Laurence Olivier) has secrets that could destroy the careers of prominent political figures, secrets an international news network will pay any price to get. As Alex Faulkner (Edward Fox) arrives for a meeting, Robert McCann...

Starflight: The Plane That Couldn't Land (1983)

Starflight: The Plane That Couldn’t Land (re-released on video and given a cinema release in the United Kingdom as Starflight One, also referenced as Airport 85) is a 1983 television movie starring Lee Majors and Hal Linden. The first hypersonic transport is leaving for its inaugural flight from ...

Who Dares Wins (1982)

A demonstration by unilateral nuclear disarmament protesters (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) in London is interrupted when one of the protesters is violently killed. British security forces learn that a militant group attached to CND has been planning a significant act of terrorism for the nea...

Wrong Is Right (1982)

In the near future, violence has become something of a national sport and television news has fallen to tabloid depths. Patrick Hale (Sean Connery), a globe-trotting reporter with access to a staggering array of world leaders, has ventured to the Arab country of Hegreb to interview his old acquai...

Don't Go to Sleep (1982)

The premise of the story is that a father, Phillip (played by Weaver) and mother, Laura (played by Harper) and their two children Kevin and Mary (played by Robins and Ignico, respectively) move out of Los Angeles (as seen in the opening credits) to a house up north in the countryside. Moving in w...

S.O.B. (1981)

The story is a satire of the film industry and Hollywood society. The main character, Felix Farmer, is a phenomenally successful film producer who has just made the first flop of his career, to the dismay of his movie studio and the loss of his own sanity. Felix attempts suicide four times: He at...

Private Benjamin (1980)

Judy Benjamin (Goldie Hawn) is an American woman who joins the U.S. Army after her new husband (Albert Brooks) dies on their wedding night during sex. Duped by a sneaky recruiting sergeant, Jim Ballard (Harry Dean Stanton), who lets her believe military life to be more glamorous than it is, she h...

10 (1979)

During a surprise 42nd birthday party for George Webber, a well-known composer of popular music, he finds himself coping badly with incipient middle age. When he catches a glimpse of a mysterious woman en route to her wedding, he is instantly obsessed by her beauty, and?despite the presence of hi...

Casey's Shadow (1978)

Down on his luck Louisiana horse trainer Lloyd Bourdelle (Walter Matthau) dreams of winning the All American Futurity at Ruidoso Downs in New Mexico. Lloyd has three sons, Buddy, Randy and Casey. Buddy helps his father train horses, while Randy rides them in races. Lloyd takes Casey and Randy to ...

Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978)

Philippe Douvier, on the outside a respected business man, but secretly the leader of the French Connection, is facing a falling out with their New York Mafia drug trading partners because they believe him not capable of properly conducting business. To demonstrate otherwise, Douvier's aide Guy A...

The Choirboys (1977)

The Choirboys is a 1977 American comedy-drama film directed by Robert Aldrich, written by Christopher Knopf and Joseph Wambaugh based on Wambaugh's novel. It features an ensemble cast including Charles Durning, Louis Gossett, Jr., Randy Quaid and James Woods. The film was released to theaters by ...

Midway (1976)

The film chronicles the Battle of Midway, a turning point in World War II in the Pacific. The Imperial Japanese Navy had been undefeated until that time and out-numbered the American naval forces by four to one. The film follows two threads, one centered around the Japanese chief strategist Admir...

Squadra Antifurto (1976)


Flatfoot in Hong Kong (1975)

The police prepares to trap the Drug Lord of Naples. The plan fails and Rizzo (Bud Spencer) decides to interrogate him for the last time, but when he arrives the Drug Lord has been murdered. Rizzo is accused of the murder and decides to investigate the arrival of an Italo-American mafia man, Fran...

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974)

Teresa, the pregnant teenage daughter of a powerful man known only as "El Jefe" (Spanish, "The Boss") (Emilio Fernández), is summoned before her father and interrogated as to the identity of her unborn child's father. Under torture, she identifies the father as Alfredo Garcia whom El Jefe had bee...

Double Indemnity (1973)

A scheming wife lures an insurance investigator into helping murder her husband and then declare it an accident. The investigator's boss, not knowing his man is involved in it, suspects murder and sets out to prove it.

$ (1971)

Set in Hamburg, West Germany, several criminals take advantage of the German bank privacy laws to use safe deposit boxes in a German bank to store large amounts of illicit cash. These include a Las Vegas mobster as well as a ruthless drug smuggler known as the Candy Man and a crooked overbearing ...