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Rodolfo Acosta

Rodolfo Acosta

Birthdate: July 29, 1920

Deathdate: November 7, 1974


Elvira's Movie Macabre: Legacy of Blood (1971)

In order to qualify to inherit the family fortune, the four heirs must spend the night in the family estate. However, during the night someone starts killing them off.

Run, Simon, Run (1970)

No overview found.

Impasse (1969)

Pat Morrison (Reynolds) runs a shady salvage operation in Manila. His latest scheme involves finding $3 million worth of gold bars hidden by the military during World War II. To this end, he needs the help of several former soldiers who were present when the gold was hidden. The first is Jesus (V...

Young Billy Young (1969)

On the trail, Ben Kane, a former Dodge City lawman, comes across Billy Young, who has no horse and was abandoned by partner Jesse Boone soon after the killing of a Mexican general. Kane lets young Billy accompany him to a town in New Mexico where he has a job waiting for him as deputy sheriff. Ka...

Return of the Seven (1966)

Fifty gunmen force all of the men in a small Mexican village to ride off with them into the desert. Among the captured farmers is Chico, who years before was one of seven hired gunslingers responsible for ridding the village of a tyrannical bandit, Calvera. Chico's wife, Petra, seeks out the othe...

The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)

The Greatest Story Ever Told is a 1965 American epic film produced and directed by George Stevens and distributed by United Artists. It is a retelling of the story of Jesus Christ, from the Nativity through the Resurrection. This film is notable for its large ensemble cast and for being the last ...

Rio Conchos (1964)

An ex-Confederate Army officer (Richard Boone) named Jim Lassiter, who has been revenging himself against Apache Indians who have massacred his family, recovers a stolen U.S. Army repeating rifle from some Apaches he has killed; as the Apache have proven formidable with lesser weaponry, there is ...

Savage Sam (1963)

Savage Sam is Old Yeller's son. He is a Bluetick Coonhound, and every bit as courageous and loyal as his father, as well as an incredibly keen tracker. Sam mostly likes chasing a bobcat, sometimes with Arliss. Brian Keith plays the boy's Uncle Beck (referred to as the younger brother of Jim Coate...

Posse from Hell (1961)

In 1880 four escapees from death row, Crip (Vic Morrow), Leo (Lee Van Cleef), Chunk (Henry Wills) and Hash (Charles Horvath) ride into the town of Paradise and enter the Rosebud Saloon. Crip shoots the town marshal Issac Webb (Ward Ramsey) and takes ten men as hostages, killing some to ensure the...

Flaming Star (1960)

Elvis Presley plays Pacer Burton, the son of a Kiowa mother and a Texas rancher father. His family, including a half-brother, Clint, live a typical life on the Texas frontier. Life becomes anything but typical when a nearby tribe of Kiowa begin raiding neighboring homesteads. Pacer soon finds him...

A Life in the Balance (1955)

A widower's (Ricardo Montalban) little boy leads the police to a killer of sinners (Lee Marvin) in Mexico City.

Hondo (1953)

Hondo Lane (John Wayne) arrives on foot at a ranch where Mrs. Angie Lowe (Geraldine Page) and her son Johnny (Lee Aaker) have been deserted by her husband for months. Part Apache, Hondo tries to avoid confrontation with war chief Vittorio (Michael Pate), but finally bails out inexperienced West P...

Destination Gobi (1953)

In November 1944, Chief Boatswain's Mate Sam McHale (Richard Widmark) is aghast to learn that he is being transferred from the USS Enterprise, his beloved aircraft carrier, to Argos 6, a Navy-operated weather station in Inner Mongolia's Gobi Desert. Capt. Gates (Willis Bouchey) explains to McHale...

Yankee Buccaneer (1952)

In the early 19th century, Commander David Porter (Jeff Chandler) and his men receive orders via Lt. David Farragut (Scott Brady) that they are to fight piracy. They go undercover as pirates.

Horizons West (1952)

Dan Hammond returns to Texas after the war, as does brother Neil, who simply wants to run a small ranch. Dan's ambition is to build an empire the way ruthless Cord Hardin has. Hardin's wife, Lorna, begins to have romantic designs on Dan as he becomes a powerful figure, rustling horses and buying ...

Vìctimas del Pecado (1951)

Violeta (Ninón Sevilla), a Cuban dancer from the Cabaret Changó, rescues an infant from a garbage can in Mexico City's redlight district. She decides to raise him, and her decision places her at odds with Rodolfo (Rodolfo Acosta), the Cabaret Changó club owner. Rival club owner Santiago (Tito Jun...

The Bullfighter and the Lady (1951)

Chuck Regan (Robert Stack), a young American film producer travels to Mexico, where he takes up bullfighting to impress a local beauty, Anita de la Vega (Joy Page). Manolo Estrada (Gilbert Roland), an aging matador, reluctantly agrees to teach the brash, self-centered Regan.

La Malquerida (1949)

In the mess of El Soto live Raymunda (Dolores del Río) and her daughter, Acacia (Columba Domínguez). After she is widowed, Raymunda marries Esteban (Pedro Armendáriz). What Raymunda does not suspect is that a deep passion has arisen between Acacia and Esteban. The misfortune is that the men who a...