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Ron Goodwin

Ron Goodwin



Valhalla (1986)

The movie takes plot elements told from the three comic albums "Cry Wolf", "The Story of Quark" and "The Journey to Utgard-Loki". Thor, the god of thunder, and Loki, habitually visiting Midgard (Earth), takes refuge for the night at a lonesome farm house, inhabited by a couple of ordinary Viking ...

Frenzy (1972)

In London, a serial killer is raping women and strangling them with neckties. Most of the film takes place in Covent Garden, which at the time was still the wholesale fruit and vegetable market district. Fairly early in the film, the audience sees that fruit merchant Robert Rusk (Barry Foster) is...

Battle of Britain (1969)

The Battle of France in May 1940 has RAF pilots escaping the German Blitzkrieg. These pilots along with British and French military are quickly evacuated from the heavy strafing of German aircraft. In the next dramatic scene, French civilians watch in awe as a convoy of German troops march into F...

Where Eagles Dare (1968)

In the winter of 1943-44, U.S. Army Brigadier General George Carnaby (Robert Beatty), a chief planner of the second front, is captured by the Germans when his aircraft is shot down en route to Crete. He is taken for interrogation to the Schloss Adler, a fortress high in the Alps of southern Bavar...

Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines (1965)

In 1910, just a few years after the first heavier-than-air flight, aircraft are fragile and unreliable contraptions, piloted by "intrepid birdmen". Lord Rawnsley (Robert Morley) is a newspaper magnate and a stuffed shirt. His daughter, ardent suffragette Patricia (Sarah Miles), is a would-be avia...

The Alphabet Murders (1965)

Albert Aachen is found dead, the murder weapon a poison dart. When a woman named Betty Barnard becomes the next victim, detective Hercule Poirot suspects that Sir Carmichael Clarke could be in grave danger. As he and Captain Hastings look into the crimes, a beautiful woman with an interesting mon...

Of Human Bondage (1964)

After two unsuccessful years pursuing an art career in Paris, clubfooted Philip Carey decides to study medicine. He meets and falls in love with Mildred Rogers, a low-class waitress who takes advantage of his feelings for her. When she leaves him to marry another man, Philip falls in love with No...

Murder Most Foul (1964)

Margaret McGinty, a barmaid and former actress, is found hanged, and her lodger, Harold Taylor, caught at the scene, seems plainly guilty. Everyone believes it to be an open-and-shut case ... except for Miss Marple. She is the lone holdout in the jury that tries him, leading to a mistrial. Despit...

Murder Ahoy! (1964)

The action takes places mainly on board an old wooden-walled battleship, HMS Battledore, which has been purchased by a Trust for the rehabilitation of young criminals, and intended by the founder to put backbone into young jellyfish. Shortly after joining the board of management of the Trust, Mis...

Murder at the Gallop (1963)

While Miss Marple (Margaret Rutherford) and Mr Stringer (Stringer Davis) are soliciting donations for a charity, they visit Mr. Enderby (Finlay Currie), a rich and eccentric recluse. He tumbles down a staircase, apparently the victim of a fatal heart attack. Knowing that Enderby had a pathologica...

Murder, She Said (1961)

While passing by on a different train, Miss Marple witnesses the strangling of a young woman in the opposite carriage. The local police dismiss her story as the ramblings of a senile and bored old woman, so, undaunted, she conducts her own investigation, and comes to the conclusion that the body ...

Village of the Damned (1960)

All of the inhabitants (including the animals) of the British village of Midwich suddenly fall unconscious, and anyone entering the village also loses consciousness. The military arrives and establishes a cordon. The pilot of an observation aircraft goes below 5,000 feet, loses consciousness, and...