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Ronald Lacey

Ronald Lacey

Birthdate: September 28, 1935

Deathdate: May 15, 1991

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ronald Lacey (28 September 1935 – 15 May 1991) was an English actor. He made numerous television and film appearances over a 30 year period and is perhaps best remembered for his villainous roles in Hollywood films, most famously Major Arnold Toht in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Description above from the Wikipedia article Ronald Lacey, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list o... ...detailed bio


Valmont (1989)

Merteuil (Annette Bening), a beautiful, wealthy widow in society, discovers that her secret lover Gercourt (Jeffrey Jones) is betrothed. She learns from her cousin Madame de Volanges (Siân Phillips) that Gercourt's new fiancée is none other than Volanges' 15-year-old daughter Cecile (Fairuza Balk...

Bomber Harris (1989)

Bomber Harris is a 1989 television drama based on the life of Arthur Harris. It was directed by Michael Darlow and written by Don Shaw.

Jailbird Rock (1988)

Phillip Schuman's women-in-prison film is an account of a group of female prisoners who decide to organize a variety show.

Sky Bandits (1986)

Sky Bandits (a.k.a. Gunbus) is a 1986 British adventure film about two outlaws from the Wild West, drafted to the battlefields of WWI, who enlist in the fledgling Royal Air Force flying early warplanes called gunbuses. The film was directed by Zoran Perisic and made extensive use of the Zoptics t...

Lone Runner (1986)

No overview found.

Flesh and Blood (1985)

In 1501, a city in Italy has been taken by a coup d'état while its rightful ruler, Arnolfini (Fernando Hilbeck), is away. Arnolfini promises mercenaries 24 hours of looting if they succeed in retaking the city, and they do so. But in the middle of their revelry, Arnolfini wants them gone. Hawkwo...

Red Sonja (1985)

Red Sonja is visited by a spirit who grants her the strength to seek her revenge against Queen Gedren. In a flashback scene, Gedren murders Red Sonja's brother and parents after Sonja rejects the queen's sexual advances, and Sonja is raped by Gedren's troops. Later, Gedren's army and her aide-de...

Sword of the Valiant (1984)

The film begins with a feast in a great hall during winter. A knight on horseback storms through the door and the crowd falls silent as the knight, all in green and carrying a large axe, walks up to the throne. He asks if any man has enough courage to challenge him to a game and finally a young s...

Sahara (1984)

The setting is in the year 1927. After her father dies, a young American heiress, Dale disguises herself as a man and takes the place of her father in an international car race through the Sahara. Dale is taken prisoner by Rasoul, but is rescued by Jaffar. However, more trouble awaits her before ...

Making the Grade (1984)

Palmer Woodrow (Dana Olsen) is a rich, prep school kid who rarely attends class and has been expelled from numerous prep schools. His parents are traveling internationally and inform him that he has been enrolled at Hoover Academy and he has one last chance to graduate or he will be cut off finan...

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984)

Banzai prepares to test his Jet Car, a modified Ford F-350 pickup truck powered by a jet engine, and capable of exceeding Mach 1. The car is also equipped with a secret device called an "oscillation overthruster," which Banzai and his associates hope will allow it to drive through solid matter. T...

Firefox (1982)

A joint Anglo-American plot is devised to steal a highly advanced Soviet fighter aircraft (MiG-31, NATO code name "Firefox") which is capable of Mach 6, is invisible to radar, and carries weapons controlled by thought. Former United States Air Force Major Mitchell Gant, a Vietnam veteran and for...

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

In 1936, archaeologist Indiana Jones braves an ancient Peruvian temple filled with booby traps to retrieve a golden idol. Upon fleeing the temple, Indiana is confronted by rival archaeologist René Belloq and the indigenous Hovitos. Surrounded and outnumbered, Indiana is forced to surrender the id...

Zulu Dawn (1979)

The film is set in British South Africa, in the province of Natal, in January 1879. The first act of the film revolves around the administrators and officials of Cape Colony, notably the supremely arrogant Lord Chelmsford and the scheming Sir Henry Bartle Frere, who both wish to crush the neighbo...

Charleston (1977)

Charleston is a 1977 Italian comedy film written and directed by Marcello Fondato. It reprises the style of the film The Sting.

Crucible of Terror (1971)

Jack Davies, an art dealer from London, does a deal with a friend of his Michael Clare, the son of a gifted artist Victor Clare. Michael smuggles out some of his father's works and Davies sells them for a large sum at his gallery, splitting the profit between them. Davies and Michael Clare are bo...

How I Won the War (1967)

How I Won the War is a black comedy film directed and produced by Richard Lester, released in 1967, based on a novel of the same name by Patrick Ryan. The film stars Michael Crawford as bungling British Army Officer Lieutenant Earnest Goodbody, with John Lennon (in his only non-musical role, as M...

The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967)

The film is set in the heart of Transylvania and the story appears to take place sometime during the mid-19th Century. Professor Abronsius, formerly of the University of Königsberg, and his apprentice Alfred are on the hunt for vampires. Abronsius is old and withering and barely able to survive t...

Of Human Bondage (1964)

After two unsuccessful years pursuing an art career in Paris, clubfooted Philip Carey decides to study medicine. He meets and falls in love with Mildred Rogers, a low-class waitress who takes advantage of his feelings for her. When she leaves him to marry another man, Philip falls in love with No...

The Boys (1962)

In 1962 London, four troublesome teenagers are charged by the police with robbing a garage and murdering the night watchman.