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Roscoe Lee Browne

Roscoe Lee Browne

Birthdate: May 2, 1925

Deathdate: April 11, 2007

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Roscoe Lee Browne (May 2, 1925 – April 11, 2007) was an American actor and director, known for his rich voice and dignified bearing. Description above from the Wikipedia article Roscoe Lee Browne, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia. ...detailed bio


Smiley Face (2007)

The story describes an eventful day in the life of Jane F, an unambitious young actress who enjoys smoking cannabis and lives in a Los Angeles apartment with her nerdy, somewhat disturbing roommate Steve. Jane's fateful day begins when she unknowingly consumes an entire plate full of cannabis-lac...

Daredevil vs. Spider-Man (2003)

Spider-Man and Daredevil team up to fight Kingpin.

Treasure Planet (2002)

The film's prologue depicts Jim Hawkins as a five-year-old (voiced by Austin Majors) reading a storybook in bed. Jim is enchanted by stories of the legendary pirate Captain Flint and his ability to appear from nowhere, raid passing ships, and disappear in order to hide the loot on the mysterious ...

Morgan's Ferry (1999)

A trio of escaped criminals hide out in a woman's home as they await to catch a ferry.

Judas Kiss (1999)

Coco Chavez (Carla Gugino) and Junior Armstrong (Simon Baker-Denny) are two small-time criminals who make money at blackmail and sex scams. They attempt to break into the big time by kidnapping a computer genius and holding him for a $4 million ransom. To help them, they enlist Lizard Browning (G...

Babe: Pig in the City (1998)

Set after the events of the first film Babe (Elizabeth Daily) and his master farmer Arthur Hoggett (James Cromwell) are given a welcome home parade after Babe's success as a "sheepdog" much to the joy of Arthur's wife Esme's (Magda Szubanski) delight. One day though Arthur tries to repair his wat...

Forest Warrior (1996)

Main character John McKenna (Chuck Norris) is a spiritual being who is able to transform into a bear, wolf or eagle. He lives in the forests of Tanglewood and has dedicated his life to protect them. One day a gang of evil loggers led by Travis Thorne (Terry Kiser) arrive in Tanglewood to chop the...

Dear God (1996)

Tom Turner, a con artist, works at a dead letter office and begins to answer the letters from people addressed to God.

The Pompatus of Love (1996)

The film revolves around four friends and their relationships with women. Set to the background of upscale Manhattan bars, lofts and apartments, the guys engage in sharp banter and one-upsmanship. The characters, Mark, a therapist (Jon Cryer); Runyon, a playwright (Tim Guinee); Josh, a playboy (A...

Babe (1995)

A parentless piglet named Babe is chosen for a "guess the weight" contest booth at a county fair. The winning farmer, Arthur Hoggett, brings him home and allows him to stay with a female border collie named Fly and her pups. A duck named Ferdinand, posing as a rooster in order to keep from being...

Naked in New York (1993)

The film is narrated in flashback by Jake Briggs (Eric Stoltz), a young aspiring playwright, culminating in the production of one of his plays off-Broadway by agent Carl Fisher (Tony Curtis). The play is a flop, at least in part because the lead parts are given to two actors, Dana Coles and Jason...

Oliver & Company (1988)

The film is set in 1980s New York City. An orphaned kitten named Oliver is left alone after his fellow orphaned kittens are adopted by passersby and he wanders the streets by himself. The next day, he is tricked into assisting a laid-back dog named Dodger into stealing food from a hot dog vendor....

Jumpin' Jack Flash (1986)

Teresa "Terry" Doolittle (Whoopi Goldberg) transfers funds for the First National Bank in Manhattan, New York. She does not quite fit with the bank's corporate image, despite being a good employee and popular with her coworkers. However, she is often chastised by her no-nonsense boss James Page (...

Twilight's Last Gleaming (1977)

After escaping from a military prison, rogue Air Force general Lawrence Dell (Burt Lancaster) and accomplices Powell and Garvas infiltrate an ICBM complex and gain launch control over its nine nuclear missiles. They then make direct contact with the US government (avoiding any media attention) an...

Logan's Run (1976)

In the year 2274, the remnants of human civilization live in a sealed domed city, a utopia run by a computer that takes care of all aspects of their life, including reproduction. The citizens live a hedonistic lifestyle but understand that in order to maintain the city, every resident when they r...

Uptown Saturday Night (1974)

Steve Jackson (Sidney Poitier), a blue-collar worker at a steel mill, has just begun a two-weeks-long vacation. He is convinced by his friend Wardell Franklin (Bill Cosby) to go to a party that Saturday night at Madam Zenobia's, an uptown nightclub. While the two are at the party, the club is rob...

The World's Greatest Athlete (1973)

In a series of establishing shots, Sam Archer (Amos) and his assistant Milo Jackson (Conway) are depicted as coaches at the fictitious Merrivale College; their teams invariably lose. A series of plot coincidences sends the pair to Africa, where they catch sight with their Safari guide Morumba (Do...

Super Fly T.N.T. (1973)

Priest (O'Neal) has retired from his former life as a cocaine hustler back in the streets of New York and now living comfortably in Rome, Italy with his lover Georgia (Frazier). Through a mutual associate he plays cards with, he comes into contact with Dr. Lamine Sonko (Browne) a native of a smal...

The Cowboys (1972)

When his ranch hands abandon him to join a gold rush, rancher Wil Andersen (John Wayne) is forced to find replacement drovers for his yearly 400-mile (640 km) long cattle drive. He rides into deserted Bozeman, Montana. There, Anse Peterson (Slim Pickens) suggests using local schoolboys. Anderse...

Cisco Pike (1972)

The film centers on Cisco Pike (played by Kris Kristofferson), an out of luck and out of work musician, and Sergeant Leo Holland (played by Gene Hackman). Cisco is a former drug dealer who has been busted several times by Sgt. Holland, and one night Holland comes to the door and demands that Cisc...