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Samson Raphaelson

Samson Raphaelson

Birthdate: March 30, 1894

Deathdate: July 16, 1983

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Samson Raphaelson (March 30, 1894 in New York City – July 16, 1983 in New York City) was an American screenwriter and playwright. Born in New York City, Raphaelson worked on nine films with Ernst Lubitsch, including Trouble in Paradise (1932), The Shop Around the Corner (1939), Heaven Can Wait (1943), and That Lady in Ermine (1948). He also collaborated with Alfred Hitchcock... ...detailed bio


In the Good Old Summertime (1949)

Veronica Fisher (Garland) enters Oberkugen's music shop, looking for work. Although Otto Oberkugen (Sakall) is reluctant to take on more staff, she wins a job by persuading a wealthy matron, through her singing and musical expertise, to buy a harp at almost $25 over Oberkugen's list price. Neithe...

That Lady in Ermine (1948)

In 1861, Countess Angelina, ruler of Bergamo in southeastern Europe, marries Mario, a baron she has known since childhood. When the castle is threatened by Hungarian hussars led by Colonel Teglash on their wedding night, Mario flees. At midnight, the paintings in the ancestral gallery come to lif...

The Harvey Girls (1946)

A group of "Harvey Girls", new waitresses for Fred Harvey's pioneering chain of Harvey House restaurants, travels on the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe (AT&SF) Railway to the western fictional town of Sandrock, apparently somewhere in Arizona. On the trip they meet Susan Bradley (Judy Garland), w...

Heaven Can Wait (1943)

An aged Henry van Cleve (Don Ameche) enters the opulent reception area of Hell, to be personally greeted by "His Excellency" (Laird Cregar). Henry petitions to be admitted (fully aware of the kind of life he had led), but there is some doubt as to his qualifications. To prove his worthiness (or r...

Suspicion (1941)

Handsome, irresponsible cad Johnnie Aysgarth (Cary Grant) sweeps dowdy Lina McLaidlaw (Joan Fontaine) off her feet and charms her into running away and marrying him, despite the strong disapproval of her wealthy father, General McLaidlaw (Sir Cedric Hardwicke). After their honeymoon, they set up ...

Skylark (1941)

Skylark is a species of passerine bird. Skylark may also refer to:

The Shop Around the Corner (1940)

Alfred Kralik (James Stewart) is the top salesman at a gift shop in Budapest owned by the high-strung Mr. Hugo Matuschek (Frank Morgan). Kralik's coworkers at Matuschek and Company include his friend, Pirovitch (Felix Bressart), a kindly family man, Ferencz Vadas (Joseph Schildkraut), a two-faced...

Angel (1937)

The story describes a love triangle initiated by Lady Maria Barker (Dietrich), the comfortable but neglected wife of Sir Frederich Barker (Marshall), a top-level British diplomat in the pre-World-War-II era. Maria is faced with the possibility of divorce when Frederick learns that she has had an ...

The Merry Widow (1934)

Playboy, Captain Danilo (Maurice Chevalier), is ordered by King Achmet of Marshovia (George Barbier) to court and marry Madame Sonia (Jeanette MacDonald), a rich widow who owns a large portion of the kingdom.

Broken Lullaby (1932)

Haunted by the memory of Walter Holderlin, a soldier he killed during World War I, French musician Paul Renard (Holmes) confesses to a priest, who grants him absolution. Using the address on a letter he found on the dead man's body, Paul then travels to Germany to find his family. Because anti-Fr...

Trouble in Paradise (1932)

In Venice, Gaston Monescu (Herbert Marshall), a master thief masquerading as a baron, meets Lily (Miriam Hopkins), a beautiful thief and pickpocket also pretending to be of the nobility, and the two fall in love and decide to team up. They leave Venice for Paris, and go to work for the famous per...

One Hour with You (1932)

Parisian doctor Andre Bertier (Maurice Chevalier) is faithful to his loving wife, Colette (Jeanette MacDonald), much to the surprise of his lovely female patients. But when Colette's best friend Mitzi Olivier (Genevieve Tobin) insists upon being treated by Dr. Bertier, it looks to many of those c...

The Smiling Lieutenant (1931)

In Vienna, Lieutenant Nikolaus "Niki" von Preyn (Maurice Chevalier) meets Franzi (Claudette Colbert), the leader of an all-female-orchestra. They soon fall in love with each other. While standing in formation before a parade honoring the visiting royal family of Flausenthurm, Niki takes the oppor...

The Jazz Singer (1927)

Cantor Rabinowitz wants his son to carry on the generations-old family tradition and become a cantor at the synagogue in the Jewish ghetto of Manhattan's Lower East Side. But down at the beer garden, thirteen-year-old Jakie Rabinowitz is performing popular, so-called jazz, tunes. Moisha Yudelson ...