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Samvrutha Sunil

Samvrutha Sunil



Neelathamara (2009)

Beena (Amala Paul), a program producer with NDTV 24x7, is in her ancestral village for a television program. She wants her fiancé to meet her grandmother, who has just been discharged from hospital. Beena, the daughter of K.P. Haridas, who died a few years back is not in good terms with her mothe...

Thirakkatha (2008)

Akbar Ahmed (Prithviraj) is a film director. Friends call him 'Akky'. After his highly successful first film, he becomes the most wanted director in the Malayalam film industry. Akky and his girl friend Devayani (Samvrutha Sunil) along with a group of friends all share a passion for cinema. It wa...

Romeoo (2007)

Manu Krishnan (Dileep) is a male nurse in a reputed hospital. He is the Son of Ratheesh Kumar, a film junior artist. He has a special relationship with Dr. Priya (Vimala Raman), but is also in love with Leena (Samvrutha Sunil), the star contestant in the popular music reality show. Manu later in ...

Three Kings Malayalam

Ram,Bhaskar and Shankar are three brothers from a royal palace who always fight with each other from childhood. None of them allows the others to prosper and creates trouble for each other in whatever they do. Their parents has taken money from a money lender called Dinakaran who has given the mo...