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Scott Brady

Scott Brady

Birthdate: September 13, 1924

Deathdate: April 16, 1985

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Scott Brady (September 13, 1924 – April 16, 1985) was an American film and television actor. Born as Gerard Kenneth Tierney, he was the younger brother of fellow actor Lawrence Tierney. Brady served in the Navy during World War II, where he was a boxing champ. After being discharged, he supported himself as a lumberjack, and began taking acting classes; he began his film car... ...detailed bio


Gremlins (1984)

While searching for a Christmas present for his teenage son, Randall Peltzer (Axton) discovers a small, furry creature called a Mogwai in an antique store in Chinatown. The owner of the store refuses to sell the Mogwai on the grounds that owning one is too great a responsibility. However, as Rand...

Strange Behavior (1981)

Several teenage boys in Galesburg, Illinois are murdered, each apparently by a different killer. Local policeman John Brady (Murphy) investigates. The victims are sons of men who previously collaborated with John to investigate the unethical experiments of Galesburg University professor Dr. Le Sa...

The China Syndrome (1979)

While visiting the (fictional) Ventana nuclear power plant outside Los Angeles, television news reporter Kimberly Wells (Fonda), her maverick cameraman Richard Adams (Douglas) and their soundman Hector Salas witness the plant going through an emergency shutdown (SCRAM). Shift Supervisor Jack Gode...

Suddenly, Love (1978)

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The Night Strangler (1973)

In 1973 reporter Carl Kolchak (Darren McGavin), now in Seattle, Washington (having been run out of Las Vegas at the end of the last film) is hired by his old editor, Tony Vincenzo (Simon Oakland) assigned to the story of a series of killings, in which the victims, all exotic dancers, are strangle...

Bonnie's Kids (1973)

Sisters Myra and Ellie have finally had enough of their miserable, dead-end lives. When their stepfather Charley (the titular "Bonnie" being long dead) tried to rape Myra, Ellie ventilates him with a shotgun, and the pair run off to their wealthy uncle's mansion in El Paso. From that point on, th...

Wicked, Wicked (1973)

The Grandview is a sprawling Californian hotel with a terrible secret: single blonde visitors who check in don't check out. Hotel detective Rick Stewart (David Bailey) begins investigating what's happened to a handful of vanishing guests but he soon becomes personally involved when his brunette e...

Cain's Cutthroats (1971)

After the end of the Civil War, Confederate army captain Justice Cain (Scott Brady) retires from the military. He becomes a farmer and lives a peaceful life with his son, Jody (by his deceased first wife) and his new wife, Angie (Tereza Thaw), the biracial ex-slave of Cain's former father-in-law....

$ (1971)

Set in Hamburg, West Germany, several criminals take advantage of the German bank privacy laws to use safe deposit boxes in a German bank to store large amounts of illicit cash. These include a Las Vegas mobster as well as a ruthless drug smuggler known as the Candy Man and a crooked overbearing ...

Hell's Bloody Devils (1970)

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Five Bloody Graves (1970)

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Satan's Sadists (1969)

The plot centers around an outlaw motorcycle gang called the "Satans." The "Satans" roam the deserts of the American Southwest. The gang comes upon two lovers whom they proceed to attack: they beat up the boyfriend and rape the girl. After the assaults, they kill both of them and throw their car,...

The Mighty Gorga (1969)

Circus owner Mark Remington is concerned that he is about to go bankrupt. On hearing of an overgrown gorilla (the Gorga) in Africa, he travels there with the aim of capturing it to be used as an attraction in his Circus. On arrival, the hunter who originally reported the gorilla is nowhere to be ...

Nightmare in Wax (1969)

Nightmare in Wax is a 1969 horror film. Cameron Mitchell plays Vince Rinaud, a former film special effects artist who is disfigured by Max Block, the head of Paragon Pictures, and also a rival for the affections of a woman (Anne Helm). Leaving the film industry, Vince becomes a recluse and opens ...

Marooned (1969)

Three American astronauts — commander Jim Pruett (Crenna), "Buzz" Lloyd (Hackman), and Clayton "Stoney" Stone (Franciscus) — are the first crew of an experimental space station on an extended duration mission. While returning to Earth, the main engine on the Apollo spacecraft Ironman One fails. M...

Journey to the Center of Time (1967)

Stanton (Scott Brady) is a grouchy boss who is the head of a scientific research company. He has taken over the company following the death of his father. His employees are scientists Mark Manning (Anthony Eisley), 'Doc' Gordon (Abraham Sofaer), and Karen White (Gigi Perreau). Unless they prove t...

Destination Inner Space (1966)

A futuristic underwater sea-lab is having problems with a UFO that's parked between them and a nearby deep ocean trench. As they investigate, they attract the unwanted attention of a dangerous creature who puts the scientists and crew in danger.

Castle of Evil (1966)

No overview found.

Ambush at Cimarron Pass (1958)

Eastwood appears as a Southern cowboy Keith Williams who is upset over having to join up with a group of Yankees who have been attacked by the same group of Indians. Most film guides include in their entry for this film a quote attributed to Eastwood, "probably the lousiest Western ever made."

The Maverick Queen (1956)

A Pinkerton detective goes undercover to infiltrate a gang of thieves whose boss is a feisty lady saloonkeeper. Complications ensue.