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Sean Flynn

Sean Flynn

Birthdate: May 31, 1941

Deathdate: April 6, 1970

Sean Flynn was an American actor. He was the son of Errol Flynn and Lili Damita. ...detailed bio


The Adventures of Errol Flynn (2005)


Wheel of Ashes (1968)


Singapore, Singapore (1967)


Two Guns for Two Twins (1966)

Sally and Jennie are twin sisters who travel the American West with his uncle Nathan who makes his living as a tooth-puller and also sells a cure-all elixir. They travel by wagon and attract the audience with their dances and displays of marksmanship. Unexpectedly and before he dies, the old man ...

Seven Magnificent Guns (1966)


Sandok, il Maciste della giungla (1964)

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Son of Captain Blood (1964)


Mission to Venice (1964)


Delay in Marienborn (1963)

Stop Train 349 (German: Verspätung in Marienborn, French: Le train de Berlin est arrêté), is a 1963 German-French-Italian drama film directed by Rolf Hädrich. It was entered into the 13th Berlin International Film Festival. It was released in the US in 1964 by Allied Artists as Stop Train 349. S...

Il segno di Zorro (1963)


Where the Boys Are (1960)

The main focus of Where the Boys Are is the "coming of age" of four girl students at a Midwestern university during spring vacation. As the film opens, Merritt Andrews, the smart and assertive leader of the quartet, expresses the opinion in class that premarital sex might be something young women...