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Sheila Kelley

Sheila Kelley

Birthdate: October 9, 1961

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sheila Kelley (born October 9, 1961) is an American television actress. She is best known for her roles as Gwen Taylor on L.A. Law and as Dr. Charlotte "Charley" Bennett Hayes on Sisters. Description above from the Wikipedia article Sheila Kelley (American actress), licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia. ...detailed bio


Last Weekend (2014)


The Guest (2014)


Bloodworth (2011)

It's been 40 years since E. F. Bloodworth (Kris Kristofferson) abandoned his loving wife and sons for a life on the road as a full-time travelling musician Now at the end of the line, Bloodworth reappears, forced to reckon with the stale aftermath of his departure. With his ex-wife Julia (Frances...

Mozart and the Whale (2005)

Donald Morton is a taxi driver and drives two Japanese passengers and his pet cockatiel around Spokane, Washington. Distracted, he bumps into the back of a florist's van and damaging his stock. Unfazed, Donald and his budgie take their groceries and leave, abandoning his taxi cab and passengers. ...

Matchstick Men (2003)

Roy Waller (Nicolas Cage) is a con artist residing in Los Angeles who has severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. Alongside his partner and protégé Frank Mercer (Sam Rockwell), Roy operates a fake lottery, selling overpriced water filtration systems to unsuspecting customers. After Roy experiences ...

The Jennie Project (2001)

Hugo Archibald (Lance Guest) is a doctor and brings home a wide variety of exotic animal species. The latest animal he brings home is a chimpanzee named Jennie. Dr. Archibald is not home very much, and Andrew feels he does not care about him. And Lea (Sheila Kelley) his wife does not want Jennie,...

Dancing at the Blue Iguana (2000)

Dancing at the Blue Iguana is an American drama film, released in 2000, directed by Michael Radford about the lives of strippers in an adult club. The film was based on an improvisational workshop involving the lead actors. It explores the intersecting lives of five exotic dancers who work at a ...

Mind Prey (1999)

No overview found.

Santa Fe (1997)

Paul Thomas is an ex-cop who happened to be the sole survivor of a mass cult suicide in Wyoming. He returns to his home town of Santa Fe in order to put his life back together. However, soon he realizes that his ex-wife is sucked into new-age philosophies. Trying to save his daughter from the cul...

One Fine Day (1996)

Melanie Parker (Michelle Pfeiffer) is an architect and divorced single mother to son Sammy (Alex D. Linz). Her day gets off to a bad start when she is late to drop Sammy off at school, due to the forgetfulness of fellow single parent Jack Taylor (George Clooney), a New York Daily News reporter wh...

So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993)

Charlie McKenzie (Myers) is a beat poet living in San Francisco, after having broken up with yet another woman based on paranoid perception. His policeman friend Tony tries to point out the pattern; that Charlie simply is afraid of commitment and tries to think of, or invent, any reason to break ...

Singles (1992)

Singles centers on the lives of a group of young people, mostly in their 20s, living in an apartment block in Seattle, Washington, and is divided into chapters. It focuses on the course of two couples' rocky romances, as well as the love lives of their friends and associates. The film stars Bridg...

Soapdish (1991)

Celeste Talbert, the longtime star of the struggling daytime drama The Sun Also Sets, is targeted by her jealous costar Montana Moorehead; Montana connives to supplant Celeste as the show's star by promising sexual favors to its producer, David Seton Barnes. To make the audience hate Celeste's ch...

Pure Luck (1991)

The daughter of a wealthy businessman has disappeared in Mexico, and all the efforts to find her have been unsuccessful. A psychologist (Harry Shearer), knowing that the girl has ultra bad luck, persuades her father (Sam Wanamaker) to send to Mexico one of his employees (Martin Short), an account...

Mortal Passions (1990)

A scheming woman (Krista Errickson) seeks to kill her husband to collect the insurance money, and is willing to seduce anyone she can to do it - including her husband's brother.

Where the Heart Is (1990)

Stewart McBain (Coleman) is a successful self-made demolitions expert who blows up buildings for a living. In the midst of one such project, a group of protesters stops the last building on a lot, the Dutch House, from being demolished. When McBain appears on TV to dismiss the protests, he is mad...

Staying Together (1989)

Three brothers live at home with their parents and work at the family restaurant. The Father sells the restaurant without letting the brothers know. One brother, angry with the father, leaves to find another job. The father subsequently dies from a heart attack.

Breaking In (1989)

Ernie Mullins (Burt Reynolds) is an old-pro safecracker from New York who is operating now in Portland, Oregon. Mike (Casey Siemaszko), is the "nosy, amiable kid" that Ernie takes on as his lookout and apprentice. Ernie is content to live in a tract home on the fringe of the city but the kid can'...

The Fulfillment of Mary Gray (1989)


Some Girls (1988)

The story revolves around a college student Michael (Patrick Dempsey) who goes to Quebec City, Canada for Christmas at the request of his college girlfriend Gabriella (Jennifer Connelly), after months of her stonewalling him after she left college in mid-semester. Michael starts the vacation ful...