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Sherilyn Fenn

Sherilyn Fenn

Birthdate: February 1, 1965

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sherilyn Fenn (born February 1, 1965) is an American actress. She came to international attention for her performance as Audrey Horne on the 1990 cult TV series Twin Peaks. She is also known for her roles in Of Mice and Men, Ruby, Boxing Helena and Rude Awakening, and for portraying actress Elizabeth Taylor in Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story. Description above from the Wiki... ...detailed bio


Raze (2013)


The Scenesters (2009)

A group of crime scene videographers go after a serial killer.

Fist of the Warrior (2007)

The film follows three characters, a hit-man, a mobster and a corrupt detective who confront each other when events come to a head for them. Hit-man Lee Choe decides to retire to live a normal life. After refusing an order from mobster John Lowe, Lowe has Lee's girlfriend killed. In order to seek...

The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning (2007)

Bo Duke is arrested for destructive driving in neighboring Chickasaw County. Luke Duke is arrested for blowing up illegal fireworks. Both of the teenage boys are paroled to the care of their Uncle Jesse in Hazzard County, sentenced to a summer of hard work on the farm. Jesse is carrying on the fa...

Treasure Raiders (2007)

A Russian street racing star named Wolf (Nevsky)---who also happens to be the leader of an anti-illegal drug vigilante group---meets his match in a sly American archeology professor named Michael Nazzaro (Brand) who has developed a liking for drag racing on Moscow's streets in order to follow Wol...

Novel Romance (2006)

The film follows Max Normane, a successful literary editor, who wants to have a child alone. She offers to publish Jake Buckley (Paul Johansson), a struggling writer, in exchange for his sperm for artificial insemination.

Presumed Dead (2006)

A famous crime novelist's protigie disappears before the release of author's first new book in years. Is the seeming crime an elaborate publicity stunt, or was this author so desperate for material that he created his own sinister inspiration? Despite his cunning defense on trial (the trial that ...

Deadly Isolation (2005)

In a quaint and quiet island community off the coast of Maine, Susan is a young widow suffering from deep grief for the loss of her husband, Ron. Two escaped convicts suffer from their own kind of deep grief at the loss of their diamonds stolen in a heist they participated in the year before, spe...

Assassin in Blue (2005)

A policewoman unwittingly puts her family in danger when she uncovers corruption in her department.

Pop Rocks (2004)

A bank loan officer named Jerry Harden has his life turned upside down when a scruffy-looking guitarist named Izzy shows up at his bank office. It is revealed that Jerry was a member of a hard rock band called Rock Toxin, and the members are planning a one-time-only reunion. Jerry is reluctant, a...

Cavedweller (2004)

Cavedweller is a 2004 film directed by Lisa Cholodenko. It stars Kyra Sedgwick and Aidan Quinn. It was nominated for numerous awards in 2004 and 2005.

Nightwaves (2003)

Recently widowed Shelby Naylor (Sherilyn Fenn) listening to her husbands police scanner overhears a husband and wife arguing on the phone. The wife ends up dead and Widow Naylor points the finger endangering herself.

The United States of Leland (2003)

The film begins with a flashback narrated by Leland P. Fitzgerald, describing how he couldn't remember the details of the day that he killed an intellectually disabled boy named Ryan Pollard. Leland is arrested. Ryan's parents, Harry and Karen, sisters Becky and Julie, as well as Julie's live-in ...

Dream Warrior (2003)

In an apocalyptic future, a man with extra-human powers goes on the run.

Swindle (2002)

A swindle is a kind of fraud. Swindle may also refer to:

Scent of Murder (2002)

FBI agent Carol Blue was unwilling to take local help in the case of the kidnapping of little Zoe Hendricks, but ex-cop Chris Milos' private investigation bureau proves just too good. His dog handler, Brenna Shaw, and her Alsatian, Brie, find the kidnapper holding Zoe and dropping the kid in the ...

Off Season (2001)

After the death of his parents in a car crash, Jackson Mayhew (Culkin) is sent to live with his aunt who works in a hotel. He comes across an elderly gentleman named Sam who convinces Jackson that he is Santa Claus. A police officer eventually discovers that "Santa" is a con-artist wanted in seve...

Darkness Falls (1999)

With his pregnant wife at death's door after a car crash, desperate husband John Barrett (Winstone) invades the home of Mark Driscoll (Dutton) and holds both Driscoll and his rich, neglected wife Sally (Fenn) hostage in order to understand the events that led to his wife ending up in a coma.

Lovelife (1997)

Lovelife is a 1997 romantic comedy film written and directed by Jon Harmon Feldman. The ensemble cast includes Matt Letscher, Sherilyn Fenn, Saffron Burrows, Carla Gugino, Bruce Davison, Jon Tenney and Peter Krause. Lovelife was nominated for a Feature Film Award at the 1997 Austin Film Festival,...

The Shadow Men (1997)

The Shadow Men is a 1998 movie in which a married couple, Bob and Dez Wilson, and their 12-year old son Andy are being accosted by a blinding light when driving home from a daytrip. They wake up a couple of hours later seemingly unscathed but soon experience recurring nightmares. It seems that th...