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Sid Melton

Sid Melton

Birthdate: May 22, 1917

Deathdate: November 2, 2011


Lady Sings the Blues (1972)

The film opens in 1936, New York City, where Billie Holiday (Diana Ross) is being placed under arrest. After being finger-printed and placed into a straight jacket, Billie is locked in a jail cell. The film then flashes back to 1928. Billie has an encounter with a rapist (Harry Caesar). She is re...

Why Must I Die? (1960)

Lois King keeps her troubled past from nightclub owner Kenny Randall, who hires her to sing at his club, The Cockatoo, and has fallen in love with her. Lois is blackmailed by Eddie, the ex-partner of her dad, Red, who is in prison. Eddie and a female safecracker, Dottie Manson, will see to it tha...

The Atomic Submarine (1959)

The film begins with a brief prologue. The film's narrator, Pat Michaels, describes how in 1909, Robert Peary had a world of trouble reaching the North Pole. He postulates that Peary would have been amazed that in a few decades that same pole he had such trouble reaching had become a major thorou...

The Tunnel of Love (1958)

In Westport, Connecticut, Augie and Isolde Poole celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary by turning in an application to the Rock-a-Bye adoption agency. Encouraged by their friends and next-door neighbors, Dick and Alice Pepper, who have three children and another due, Isolde, who has been unsu...

The Steel Helmet (1951)

When an American infantry unit surrenders to the North Koreans, the prisoners of war have their hands bound behind their backs and are then executed. Only Sergeant Zack (Gene Evans) survives the massacre, saved when the bullet meant for him is deflected by his helmet. He is freed by South Korean ...

The Lemon Drop Kid (1951)

The Lemon Drop Kid (Bob Hope), a New York City swindler, is illegally touting horses at a Florida racetrack. After several successful hustles, the Kid comes across a beautiful, but gullible, woman intending to bet a lot of money. The Kid convinces her to switch her bet, employing a prefabricated ...

Lost Continent (1951)

Maj. Joe Nolan (Romero) is the head of a mission to the South Pacific to retrieve an atomic rocket that vanished. Their plane crashes on a remote tropical island. They find a lone native girl (Acquanetta) who indicates something fell from the sky onto a forbidding plateau that dominates part of t...

Hi-Jacked (1950)

A parolee, working for a trucking line, struggles to clear his name after being accused of involvement with hijackers.