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Stanley Cortez

Stanley Cortez



The Doomsday Machine (1972)

A spy (Essie Lin Chia) discovers that the Chinese government have created a doomsday device capable of destroying the Earth and it will be activated in 72 hours. Soon after, Astra – a two year return mission to Venus by the United States Space Program – has its time of launch speeded up and half ...

The Navy vs. the Night Monsters (1966)

A group of scientists discover biologic specimens dating back to the first Ice Age. A plane carrying the prehistoric trees and plants is scheduled to touch down for refuelling at a naval weather station base on "Gow Island" before continuing on to mainland for further research. Along the way seve...

The Naked Kiss (1964)

Kelly (Towers) is a prostitute who shows up in the small town of Grantville, just one more burg in a long string of quick stops on the run after being chased out of the big city by her former pimp. She engages in a quick tryst with local police chief Griff (Eisley), who then tells her to stay out...

Madmen of Mandoras (1963)

A group of Nazi survivors save Hitler's brain keeping it alive in a huge jar hooked up to a machine. The Nazis plan to release a deadly gas destroying all life on the planet. To ensure their success they kidnap Professor Coleman the only man on the planet with the antidote to the poison gas.

The Night of the Hunter (1955)

The film is set in 1930s West Virginia, along the Ohio River. Ben Harper is sentenced to hang for his part in a robbery in which two men were killed. Before he is caught he hides the stolen money, trusting only his son John, the film's protagonist, with the money's location. John has a much young...

Black Tuesday (1954)

A violent con, Vincent Canelli (Robinson), escapes prison on the night of his execution. With the help of a phony newspaper reporter and Canelli's girlfriend, the con takes along five hostages including a priest. Another inmate, Peter Manning, is taken along because Canelli wants the money Mannin...

The Neanderthal Man (1953)

A scientist develops a formula which will cause animals to regress to the form of their primitive ancestors, and tries it on himself with disastrous results.

The Underworld Story (1950)

The Underworld Story is a 1950 American film noir starring Dan Duryea, Herbert Marshall, and Gale Storm. Howard Da Silva plays the loud-mouthed gangster Carl Durham, one of his last roles before becoming blacklisted. The newspaperman played by Duryea is similar in tone (a reporter that does anyt...

The Admiral Was a Lady (1950)

She's in for a wild ride, when Jean Madison (Wanda Hendrix), a WAVE ensign, meets the crew of an Army Air Corps A-20 Havoc light bomber named Cynthia. The men are living high as members of the "52-20 club," a program in which unemployed American veterans receive $20 unemployment benefits for 52 w...

The Man on the Eiffel Tower (1949)

In Paris, a down and out medical student Johann Radek (Franchot Tone) is paid by Bill Kirby (Robert Hutton) to murder his wealthy aunt. A knife grinder (Burgess Meredith) is suspected, but Radek keeps taunting the police until they realize that he is the killer. The police and Maigret (Charles La...

Secret Beyond the Door... (1948)

The behavior of Mark Lamphere, an architect, turns strange shortly after his honeymoon with bride Celia, who begins finding out that Mark has many secrets. It turns out he was married before, his wife died suspiciously and they have a son. He also has a fiercely loyal secretary, Miss Robey, whos...

Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman (1947)

In a hospital, Angie Evans, her face bandaged, recounts the events that brought her here. A nightclub singer, Angie becomes involved with another singer, Ken Conway, whose career has yet to take off. Her agent Mike Dawson helps get Ken and piano accompanist Steve Anderson a spot on a radio show s...

The Magnificent Ambersons (1942)

George Minafer (Tim Holt), on break from college, returns to his home in Indianapolis. His mother Isabel (Dolores Costello) and Major Amberson (Richard Bennett), his grandfather, hold a reception in his honor. Among the guests are the widowed Eugene Morgan (Joseph Cotten), a prosperous automobile...

Sealed Lips (1942)

There's something very odd about Romano (John Litel), a notorious gangster serving time in the federal pen. For one thing, Romano doesn't sound much like himself. For another, he always seems to be hiding something. Detective Lee (William Gargan) suspects that something's amiss, and he's probably...

The Black Cat (1941)

The Black Cat is a 1941 film based on the short story by Edgar Allan Poe. The comedy/horror film was directed by Albert S. Rogell, and stars Basil Rathbone and features supporting performances by Bela Lugosi and Alan Ladd. Lugosi also stars in a 1934 film with the same title.