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Steve Cochran

Steve Cochran

Birthdate: May 25, 1917

Deathdate: June 15, 1965

He is perhaps best remembered for his role of Big Ed Somers, the power hungry gangster pal of James Cagney in "White Heat" (1949). Born Robert Alexander Cochran in Eureka, California, he was the son of a California lumberjack, who moved the family to Wyoming in the 1920s, where Cochran grew to adulthood. After graduating from the University of Wyoming in 1939, Cochran began working steadily as a Wyoming cowboy, wh... ...detailed bio


Mozambique (1966)

An American pilot assists the Portuguese colonial police who are battling a gang of criminals involved in drug smuggling from Lisbon to Mozambique to Zanzibar.

Tell Me in the Sunlight (1965)

A sailor and a stripper fall in love on the beaches of Nassau in this romance. Unfortunately, the exotic dancer already has a lover.

The Deadly Companions (1961)

After her young son is killed in a bank robbery, Kit Tilden (Maureen O'Hara) is determined to bury him beside his father in Siringo, now deserted and located in Apache territory. Yellowleg (Brian Keith), the ex-army officer who accidentally killed her son, decides to help take the body across the...

The Beat Generation (1959)

"The Aspirin Kid" is wanted by the law. He is so known because apparently he uses the ruse of faking a headache and asking women for an aspirin, wherepon he robs them (and worse). He acts like a Beatnik as a disguise. At the start of the film Arthur Garrett (Garrett is the name Ray Danton tells h...

I, Mobster (1959)

I, Mobster is a 1958 crime-drama film directed by Roger Corman. The film currently holds a 6.3/10 user rating on IMDb.

Il grido (1957)

Aldo (Steve Cochran) has worked at the sugar refinery in Goriano for seven years. His long-time mistress, Irma (Alida Valli), learns that her husband, who left for Australia years ago in search of a job, recently died there. Irma goes to the sugar refinery and drops off Aldo's lunch, but does not...

The Weapon (1957)

Lizabeth Scott plays Elsa Jenner, widowed mother to her young son Erik. Whilst playing with friends in an abandoned and deteriorated old building, Erik finds a small handgun stuck to a brick. As all the boys try and pull it free, it accidentally fires a shot from Erik's hands, hitting another boy...

Slander (1957)

A tabloid magazine threatens to ruin a television performer's career.

Private Hell 36 (1954)

L.A. police detectives Cal Bruner (Steve Cochran) and Jack Farnham (Howard Duff) get in over their heads when they decide to split up thousands of dollars they found on a recently killed counterfeiter. To make matters worse, they are assigned by their police captain to look for the missing cash. ...

Carnival Story (1954)

Grayson's traveling carnival comes to Munich with acts that include high-dive artist Frank Collini and silent strongman Groppo. A local girl named Willi picks the pocket of Joe, who works for the carny, but she ends up being offered a job. Joe makes romantic advances to Willi, who tries to resist...

Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison (1951)

During the 1920's, before the 1944 California prison reform, Warden Ben Rickey (Ted De Corsia) rules Folsom Prison with ruthless control. He believes that prisons should be used more for punishing the captive convicts, rather than using the time that they would spend behind the walls of the priso...

Tomorrow is Another Day (1951)

Convicted of murder at age 13, Bill Clark is freed after 18 years behind bars. He meets a taxi dancer, Catherine Higgins, but when her New York City police detective boyfriend George Conover catches them together, Bill is knocked out. When he awakens, Conover has been shot. Bill knows the cops wi...

The Tanks are Coming (1951)

The Tanks Are Coming is a 1951 War film directed by D. Ross Lederman, starring Steve Cochran and Philip Carey. During World War II in 1944, Saint-Lô, France, five tanks of the 3rd Armored Division attempt to pierce the Siegfried Line. The story is set after the breakout from Normandy.

Storm Warning (1951)

Marsha Mitchell (Ginger Rogers), a traveling dress model, stops in the southern town of Rockpoint to see her newly wed sister Lucy Rice (Doris Day). Within minutes of entering the town she observes unusual behavior by the townsfolk, such as dozens of people closing up shop and getting out of sigh...

Jim Thorpe -- All-American (1951)

During a banquet, legendary football coach "Pop" Warner rises and gives a speech praising Jim Thorpe. This leads to a flashback. Youngster Jim Thorpe runs all the way home before his first day at an Indian reservation school, but his father talks him into going back, telling him that he wants his...

Highway 301 (1950)

A gang of robbers are terrorizing and robbing banks and payrolls in North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland. The gang's leader, George, seems to take particular delight in "bumping off" women who cross him. The film starts with comments from then-governors of North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland a...

Dallas (1950)

== Plot summary == Gary Cooper plays "Reb" Hollister a former Confederate out to revenge himself on a group of carpetbaggers who murdered his family and destroyed their home in Georgia. With the help of his friend Wild Bill Hickok, Hollister's death is faked and he accompanies and swaps identit...

The Damned Don't Cry! (1950)

The Damned Don't Cry! is a 1950 American drama film starring Joan Crawford, David Brian, and Steve Cochran tells of a woman's involvement with an organized crime boss and his subordinates. The screenplay by Harold Medford and Jerome Weidman was based on a story by Gertrude Walker. The plot is loo...

White Heat (1949)

Cody Jarrett (James Cagney) is the ruthless, deranged leader of a criminal gang. Although married to Verna (Virginia Mayo), Jarrett is overly attached to his equally crooked and determined mother, "Ma" Jarrett (Margaret Wycherly), his only real confidante. Cody suffers from debilitating headache...

A Song Is Born (1948)

Mild-mannered Professor Hobart Frisbee (Danny Kaye) and his fellow academics, among them Professor Magenbruch (Benny Goodman), are writing a musical encyclopedia. In the process, they discover that there is some new popular music that is called jazz, swing, boogie woogie or rebop introduced by tw...