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Thelma Ritter

Thelma Ritter

Birthdate: February 14, 1905

Deathdate: February 5, 1969

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Thelma Ritter (February 14, 1902 — February 5, 1969) was an American supporting and character actress from the 1940s until her death in 1969. Description above from the Wikipedia article Thelma Ritter, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia. ? ...detailed bio


The Incident (1967)

It is Monday morning in the Bronx; two deadbeat punks: Joe Ferrante (Tony Musante) and Artie Connors (Martin Sheen) are causing trouble. After giving a hard time to a pool hall owner for closing early interrupting their game, then briefly harassing a passing couple on the street, then finally mug...

Boeing Boeing (1965)

Bernard Lawrence (Tony Curtis) is an American journalist stationed in Paris, France. A playboy, he has devised an ingenious system for juggling three different girlfriends: by dating stewardesses who are assigned to international routes on non-intersecting flight schedules, only one woman is in t...

Move Over, Darling (1963)

Ellen Wagstaff Arden (Doris Day), a mother of two young children, was believed to be lost at sea following an airplane accident. Her husband, Nick Arden (James Garner), was one of the survivors. After five years of searching for her, he decides to move on with his life by having her declared leg...

A New Kind of Love (1963)

A journalist mistakes a woman for a prostitute. While he tries to interview her about her job he falls in love with her.

Birdman of Alcatraz (1962)

Robert Stroud (Lancaster) is imprisoned as a young man for committing a murder in Alaska. He is shown as a rebellious inmate, fighting against a rigid prison system: on his way to jail by train he breaks open the window to allow the suffocating inmates to breathe. His rebellious attitude puts him...

How the West Was Won (1962)

=== The Rivers (1840) ===

The Misfits (1961)

In Reno, Nevada, Roslyn Tabor (Monroe), a beautiful new divorcée, meets aging cowboy Gay Langland (Gable). Guido (Wallach) and Gay invite Roslyn and her friend Isabelle Steers (Ritter) to Guido's place in the country to help her forget about the divorce. They arrive at the half-finished house Gui...

The Second Time Around (1961)

Lu Rogers, recently widowed, leaves her children in New York with her mother-in-law in 1911 and travels west to take a job she's been offered. Upon arriving in Arizona, the job falls through, so farmer Aggie Gates tries her out as a hired hand. The resourceful Lu succeeds at work and catches the ...

Pillow Talk (1959)

Jan Morrow (Doris Day) is a successful, content, self-reliant interior decorator who lives in New York City. She lives alone and claims to be quite happy, when questioned on that subject by her drunken housekeeper, Alma (Thelma Ritter). Due to the state of the telephone company's development, she...

A Hole in the Head (1959)

Tony Manetta is a single father, a widower, raising 11-year-old son Ally while owning and operating a small Miami Beach hotel called the Garden of Eden. In debt, the rent is five months in the rears, Tony is given 48 hours by his landlord, Abe Diamond to raise a little more than $5,000 or else lo...

The Proud and Profane (1956)

In Noumea, New Caledonia 1943, Lee Ashley (Kerr), the widow of a Paramarine Lieutenant killed on the Battle of Bloody Ridge on Guadalcanal has joined the American Red Cross on the island to entertain American servicemen. Her leader at the service club, Kate Connors (Ritter) had initially been rel...

Lucy Gallant (1955)

While traveling from New York to Mexico, the stylish Lucy Gallant is stranded by a storm in New City, Texas, where rancher Casey Cole helps find her suitable lodging. The public reaction to her fashions persuades Lucy to sell the contents of her trousseau, and she decides to stay and open a dress...

Daddy Long Legs (1955)

Wealthy American Jervis Pendleton III (Fred Astaire) has a chance encounter at a French orphanage with a cheerful 18-year-old resident, Julie Andre (Leslie Caron). He anonymously pays for her education at a New England college. She writes letters to her mysterious benefactor regularly, but he nev...

Rear Window (1954)

After breaking his leg photographing a racetrack accident, professional photographer L.B. "Jeff" Jefferies (James Stewart) is confined in his Greenwich Village apartment, using a wheelchair while he recuperates. His rear window looks out onto a small courtyard and several other apartments. Duri...

Pickup on South Street (1953)

Widmark plays Skip McCoy, an insolent pickpocket who steals the wallet of Candy (Peters). Unbeknownst to Skip or Candy, the wallet contains a microfilm of top-secret government information. Candy was delivering an envelope as a final favor to her ex-boyfriend, Joey. But Candy didn't know the enve...

Titanic (1953)

At the last minute Richard Sturges (Clifton Webb) buys a steerage-class ticket for the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic from a Basque immigrant. Once aboard he seeks out his runaway wife, Julia (Barbara Stanwyck). He discovers she is trying to take their two unsuspecting children, 18-year-old Ann...

With a Song in My Heart (1952)

With a Song in My Heart is a 1952 biographical film which tells the story of actress and singer Jane Froman, who was crippled by an airplane crash on February 22, 1943, when the Boeing 314 Pan American Clipper flying boat she was on suffered a crash landing in the Tagus River near Lisbon, Portuga...

As Young as You Feel (1951)

When printer John R. Hodges (Monty Woolley) is forced to retire at age 65 because of a company policy, he decides to do something about it. Dyeing his hair black, he poses as Harold P. Cleveland, the president of his former employer's parent company and goes on an inspection tour of his old workp...

The Mating Season (1951)

Ellen McNulty (Thelma Ritter) is forced to give up her hamburger stand when the bank forecloses on it, so she decides to visit her son Val (John Lund), who lives in another city. Val has recently married a socialite, Maggie (Gene Tierney). To help her out, her husband hires a maid and promises to...

Perfect Strangers (1951)

Terry Scott (Ginger Rogers), who is separated from her husband, and unhappily married David Campbell (Dennis Morgan), the father of two children, meet when they are selected to serve on the jury of the Los Angeles trial of Ernest Craig (Ford Rainey). The defendant is charged with murdering his wi...