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Timothy Bottoms

Timothy Bottoms

Birthdate: August 30, 1951

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Timothy James Bottoms (born August 30, 1951) is an American actor and film producer. Description above from the Wikipedia article Timothy Bottoms, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia. ...detailed bio


I Married Who? (2012)

Straight-laced Jordan is about to marry her perfect match, Peter a clean-cut ambitious attorney. Before she walks down the aisle, Jordan and her best friends, Claire and Jessica, head to Vegas for a bachelorette party. Determined to get Jordan to loosen up, Claire steers the girls to the hottest ...

Pound of Flesh (2010)


The Land That Time Forgot (2009)

The film takes place in the present, when two newlywed couples are enjoying a charter boat cruise through the Caribbean. Passing through a bizarre storm, they emerge off the shore of the mysterious island of Caprona. The island, which seems to exist within a time void inside the Bermuda Triangle...

An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong (2009)

Chrissa Maxwell (Sammi Hanratty) and her family move from Iowa to be closer to Chrissa's "Nana" after their grandfather died. At her new school Chrissa has a hard time making friends and is bullied by three girls who call themselves the Queen Bees. Chrissa tries to befriend Gwen Thompson (who is ...

Call of the Wild (2009)

A modern-day retelling of Jack London's classic novel. A recently widowed man in Montana takes his granddaughter in for several weeks while her parents are out of the country. When a wild wolf (Wolf-dog hybrid) shows up injured on the back porch one night, the granddaughter wants to take it back ...

Lone Rider (2008)

Bobby Hattaway (Lou Diamond Phillips), an honored soldier, returns home after the American Civil War to find his father's (Stacy Keach) formerly prosperous store now dangerously in debt to the town's ruthless leader, and Bobby's childhood friend, Stu Croker (Vincent Spano). Bobby will now face of...

Parasomnia (2008)

Danny Sloan (Dylan Purcell) is an art student who works in a record shop. He visits his friend Billy (Dov Tiefenbach), who is in drug rehab in hospital. Billy suggests Danny goes to see the "psycho ward" before he leaves, to see Byron Volpe (Patrick Kilpatrick), a serial killer kept in a padded c...

Shanghai Kiss (2007)

Liam Liu is auditioning for a role in a tooth-paste advertisement. He is rejected after some initial questions by the screeners because he is not considered " [East] Asian" enough. This begins our glimpse into the casting decision of Hollywood producers, who Liam believes heavily stereotype East ...

Bound by a Secret (2007)

Two lifelong friends must face personal drama when one of them learns she has cancer. They also have to make a decision about a ghost from the past: should they tell the child of one friend (Baxter), a suburb mom, that she is in fact the child of the other (Warren), a Broadway star.

Holiday in Handcuffs (2007)

Trudie is an aspiring painter stuck working as a restaurant waitress. With the pressure to please her parents building, a job interview that goes poorly and getting dumped by her boyfriend, she has a nervous breakdown. Stressed about going home for the holidays alone, she kidnaps David Martin, a ...

Deceit (2006)

A man returns to his hometown after his father's death and soon enters into an affair with the wife of his old best friend.

Vampire Bats (2005)

In an American city, a plague of genetically modified bats begin to kill the people, then the Doctor Maddy Rierdon and her students from colleges work together to kill the bats before the whole city is destroyed.

Paradise, Texas (2005)

The film follows aging, overworked actor Mack Cameron (Timothy Bottoms) as he struggles to keep up with the demands of career and family life. Cameron accepts a lead role in a low-budget independent film despite schedule conflicts with a major movie role he's lined up for, because it will be film...

Jane Doe: Now You See It, Now You Don't (2005)

The Declaration Of Independence is stolen while on display in a Los Angeles Bank. The NSA with the assistance of a puzzle slover Code Name Jane Doe becomes involved and solves the mystery.

Ike: Countdown to D-Day (2004)

Ike: Countdown to D-Day is a 2004 American television film originally aired on the American television channel A&E and was directed by Robert Harmon and written by Lionel Chetwynd. Tom Selleck portrays General Dwight D. Eisenhower - US Army – also known by his nickname of "Ike", hence the title. ...

The Girl Next Door (2004)

Ambitious high school senior Matthew Kidman (Emile Hirsch) has been accepted to Georgetown University, but cannot afford the tuition. He has raised $25,000 in order to bring a brilliant Cambodian student, Samnang, to study in the United States, but finds little else truly memorable about his high...

Elephant (2003)

The film opens with Mr. McFarland (Timothy Bottoms) driving erratically down a residential street on the way to drop off his son, John (John Robinson). John notices damage to the car and realizes that his father is drunk, so John instructs him to move to the passenger seat and let him drive. The...

The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course (2002)

In outer space, a United States-owned satellite blows up and one of the last remaining pieces, a beacon, is sent hurdling towards Earth where it lands in Australia, only to be swallowed by a crocodile. Back at the CIA, Agent Buckwhiler and Deputy Director Reynolds reveal that, in the wrong hands,...

Diamondbacks (2001)


Lone Tiger (1999)

While searching Las Vegas for the man who killed his famous father -- a wrestler known for his trademark tiger mask -- Chuji Kurenai (Bruce Locke) is drawn into an underground world where brutal fighters battle to the death. Promoter Bruce Rossner (Richard Lynch) keeps raising the stakes, finally...