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Vince Colosimo

Vince Colosimo

Birthdate: November 6, 1966

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vincenzo Colosimo (born 11 November 1966) is an Australian stage, television and screen actor. He has worked in both Australia and the United States. Description above from the Wikipedia article Vince Colosimo, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia ...detailed bio


Face To Face (2011)

A young construction worker rams into the back of his boss's Jaguar in a fit of anger at being sacked. Rather than fronting court, he’s given the chance to explain his actions in a community conference. This face-to-face confrontation between the young man, his boss, his boss's wife, co-workers, ...

Swerve (2011)

Swerve is an Australian thriller directed by Craig Lahiff. The film was shot in 2010, completed in 2011 and premiered in Australia at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

Panic at Rock Island (2011)

An island on spectacular Sydney Harbour. Summer sun Top international artists. Tens of thousands of music fans from across the world Idyllic... Until unimaginable disaster strikes.

The Kings of Mykonos (2010)

The sequel to the highly successful Australian comedy THE WOG BOY - starring Nick Giannopoulous and Vince Colosimo as best mates Steve and Frank. The Kings of Mykonos: Wog Boy 2 picks up a few years after the original and things aren't going so well for the 'Wog Boy'; he's lost his true love (a '...

Daybreakers (2009)

In 2009, a plague caused by a vampire bat has transformed most of the world's population into vampires. This event formed a world completely dominated by vampires. As vampires are incapable of aging or dying, but are unprotected against the sunlight or any ultraviolet light, the entire vampire wo...

Body of Lies (2008)

Roger Ferris (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a CIA case officer in Iraq, tracking a terrorist called Al-Saleem (Alon Abutbul). He meets Nizar, a member of the terrorist organization who is prepared to offer information in return for asylum in America. Despite his boss Ed Hoffman (Russell Crowe)'s objectio...

Scorched (2008)

It's several days before Christmas in 2012, and Sydney is in the midst of a water crisis. Despite the creation of a desalination plant, which NSW Premier Angela Boardman insists creates millions of litres of fresh water a day, the city is still under Level 8 water restrictions. The western suburb...

Opal Dream (2006)

The film begins by introducing Kellyanne Williamson, playing with imaginary friends Pobby and Dingan. The family of Rex Williamson—his wife Anne, daughter Kellyanne and son Ashmol—have moved to Coober Pedy, known as the "opal capital of Australia", because Rex believed he could make a fortune in...

Solo (2006)

Jack Barrett is the type of guy no one calls Jack. He works for a group of businessmen known as "The Gentlemen" who operate within the fertile realm of the Sydney Underworld. Standover tactics, prostitution, illegal gambling, creative importation - you name it, "The Gentlemen" are into it. And Ba...

BlackJack- Sweet Science (2004)

Jack investigates a gangland execution at a children’s football game twelve years ago.

Take Away (2003)

Tony Stilano and Trev Spackneys both own, live over and work in adjoining take-away fish and chip shops in Melbourne. Although they have fallen into a habitual rivalry based on a cause long forgotten, the pair unite when the multinational fast-food outlet "Burgies" unveils a new store directly op...

The Nugget (2002)

The Nugget is a 2002 comedy film about three friends who find the world's largest nugget of gold.

The Hard Word (2002)

The Hard Word is a 2002 Australian crime film about three bank-robbing brothers who are offered a role in a bold heist while serving time in prison. The film was written and directed by Scott Roberts, and stars Guy Pearce and Rachel Griffiths. The film is not well known, but for some is a major ...

Walking on Water (2002)

Walking on Water is a 2002 Australian drama film directed by Tony Ayres. The film explores the grief, tenderness, stupidity and humour that arises from death. When Gavin is finally laid to rest after a grueling fight with AIDS, his close friends Charlie and Anna find themselves at odds regarding ...

Lantana (2001)

An unknown woman's body is seen caught in the lantana bush, missing a shoe. Leon (Anthony LaPaglia), a police officer, and Jane (Rachael Blake) have sex in a motel room. They part ways, and we see that Leon and his wife Sonja (Kerry Armstrong) attend Latin dance classes that recently separated Ja...

Chopper (2000)

In and out of jail since he was 16, Melbourne standover man Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read (Eric Bana) is serving a 16-year sentence for kidnapping a supreme court judge to get his childhood friend, Jimmy Loughnan (Simon Lyndon), out of the notorious H Division of maximum security Pentridge Prison. ...

The Wog Boy (2000)

Steve (Nick Giannopoulos) is a second-generation Greek Australian. Steve is unemployed, but manages to get by, helping out here and there. His pride and joy is his VF Valiant Pacer. Whilst helping out a compensation-oriented neighbour, Steve has a minor car accident involving the Minister for Emp...