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Vincent Price

Vincent Price

Birthdate: May 27, 1911

Deathdate: October 25, 1993

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vincent Leonard Price, Jr. (May 27, 1911 – October 25, 1993) was an American actor, well known for his distinctive voice and serio-comic attitude in a series of horror films made in the latter part of his career. Description above from the Wikipedia article Vincent Price, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia. ...detailed bio


The Ten Commandments (1956)

The Egyptian Pharaoh (Ramesses I) has ordered the death of all firstborn Hebrew males, but a Hebrew woman ("Yoshebel") sets her infant son adrift on the Nile in order to save him. The infant is rescued from the Nile by an Egyptian princess ("Bithiah") who decides to adopt the boy even though her ...

The Vagabond King (1956)

In fifteenth century France, the irreverent beggar François Villon (tenor Oreste Kirkop) is crowned "king for a day" by King Louis XI (Walter Hampden). He patriotically rallies his fellow beggars to fight when Paris is invaded by the Burgundians. Kathryn Grayson stars as the high-born heroine, an...

While the City Sleeps (1956)

A power struggle ensues after the death of media magnate Amos Kyne, who turned his corporation over to his sole heir, foppish son Walter. Rather than run the company himself Walter decides to let the heads of its three divisions fight it out. Their assignment is to score an exclusive story on a s...

Son of Sinbad (1955)

In ancient Baghdad, poet Omar Khayyám wanders the streets in search of his friend, Sinbad, the son and namesake of the great adventurer, and finds him outside the Khalif's palace. Although the Khalif has offered a reward for his capture, the roguish Sinbad ignores Omar's warnings and nonchalantly...

Dangerous Mission (1954)

After a young woman, Louise Graham, witnesses the murder of a crime boss, she flees the city, deciding to hide out in Glacier National Park. She is followed by two men, Matt Hallett and Paul Adams, one of whom is a federal agent, sworn to protect her and bring her back as a witness, the other a r...

Born in Freedom: The Story of Colonel Drake (1954)

In 1857 Edwin L. Drake is sent to investigate an oil seep in a creek near Titusville, Pennsylvania.

The Mad Magician (1954)

Vincent Price plays Gallico the great, an inventor of stage-magic effects who aspires to become a star in his own right. Just before his first performance, his act is shut down by capricious manager Ormond (Donald Randolph), who wants Gallico's brilliant buzzsaw effect for the act of the Great Ri...

Casanova's Big Night (1954)

Casanova's Big Night (1954) is a comedy film starring Bob Hope and Joan Fontaine, which is a spoof of swashbuckling historical adventure films. It was directed by Norman Z. McLeod. Hope plays a tailor who impersonates Giacomo Casanova, the great lover. The film also stars Audrey Dalton, Basil Rat...

House of Wax (1953)

Professor Henry Jarrod (Vincent Price) is a devoted wax figure sculptor with a museum in 1910s New York. When his financial partner Matthew Burke (Roy Roberts) demands more sensational exhibits to increase profits, Jarrod refuses. Unwilling to wait to be bought out, Burke deliberately sets the mu...

The Las Vegas Story (1952)

An ex-lounge singer (Jane Russell) revisiting Las Vegas with her shady husband (Vincent Price) encounters a cop (Victor Mature) with whom she'd had an affair years before, and who comes in handy during the subsequent fast-paced mayhem. Hoagy Carmichael portrays Happy, the eccentric pianist at the...

Adventures of Captain Fabian (1951)

Adventures of Captain Fabian is a 1951 American film starring Errol Flynn. The plot revolves around the travails of a French Creole maid in a household of 1860 New Orleans and her romantic involvement with Captain Fabian. As with many later Flynn features, the tangled production history is arguab...

Pictura: An Adventure in Art (1951)

Pictura: An Adventure in Art is a documentary film directed by seven directors, and narrated by several famous Hollywood actors, including Vincent Price, Gregory Peck, Henry Fonda, Martin Gabel, and Lilli Palmer. The film attempts to give the general film-going public a taste of art history an...

His Kind of Woman (1951)

Down on his luck, professional gambler Dan Milner (Robert Mitchum) accepts a mysterious job for $50,000. He is told to take a charter flight to Morro's Lodge, an isolated Mexican resort, where he will receive further instructions. Milner is attracted to the only other passenger, Lenore Brent (Jan...

Curtain Call at Cactus Creek (1950)

Curtain Call at Cactus Creek is a 1950 American film starring Donald O'Connor and Gale Storm. In the story, a traveling entertainer (O'Connor) gets mixed up with bank robbers.

Champagne for Caesar (1950)

Beauregard Bottomley (Ronald Colman) is an unemployed PhD physicist who lives in Los Angeles with his piano-instructor sister Gwenn (Barbara Britton) and the alcohol-guzzling parrot of the film's title, Caesar. Beauregard and Gwenn live in a bungalow court, surrounded by books. Beauregard is an o...

The Baron of Arizona (1950)

The notorious attempt by swindler James Reavis to claim the entire territory of Arizona as his own, prior to it being granted statehood, is recounted years later by John Griff, who works for the Department of the Interior. In 1872, Reavis went to great lengths to forge documents in Spain and crea...

A Christmas Carol (1949)

A Christmas Carol was a 1949 low-budget, black and white television special narrated by Vincent Price. Compressing the Charles Dickens classic story into a half hour, it is stated to be "the oldest extant straight adaptation of the story" for television. It was originally produced as a syndicated...

The Bribe (1949)

Federal agent Rigby (Taylor) travels to Los Trancos on the island of Carlota (somewhere off the coast of Central America) to break up a war-surplus aircraft engine racket and finds himself tempted by corruption, namely Elizabeth Hintten (Gardner), a café singer married to Tug Hintten (Hodiak), a ...

Bagdad (1949)

Bagdad is a 1949 adventure film starring Maureen O'Hara, Paul Hubschmid, and Vincent Price. It tells the story of a Bedouin princess (Maureen O'Hara) who returns to Baghdad after being educated in England. She finds that her father has been murdered by a group of renegades. She is hosted by the ...

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)

The film opens with Larry Talbot (Lon Chaney, Jr.) making an urgent call from London to a Florida railway station where Chick Young (Bud Abbott) and Wilbur Grey (Lou Costello) work as baggage-clerks. Talbot tries to impart to Wilbur the danger of a shipment to the "McDougal House Of Horrors" (a l...