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Vincent Price

Vincent Price

Birthdate: May 27, 1911

Deathdate: October 25, 1993

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vincent Leonard Price, Jr. (May 27, 1911 – October 25, 1993) was an American actor, well known for his distinctive voice and serio-comic attitude in a series of horror films made in the latter part of his career. Description above from the Wikipedia article Vincent Price, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia. ...detailed bio


The Three Musketeers (1948)

D'Artagnan (Gene Kelly), an inexperienced Gascon youth, travels to Paris to join the elite King's Musketeers. On his way, he encounters a mysterious lady at a roadside inn. When he picks a fight with one of her escorts, she becomes suspicious and has him knocked unconscious. His letter of introdu...

Up in Central Park (1948)


Rogues' Regiment (1948)

An American Intelligence Agent and Nazi hunter is on the trail of a former SS war criminal reminiscent of Martin Bormann believed to be hiding in the French Foreign Legion in Indochina.

Moss Rose (1947)

Set in Victorian London, the story concerns a music hall chorus girl who blackmails a gentleman after seeing him leave the house where another dancer was found murdered. Instead of accepting money she demands to be invited to the man's stately home to experience the life of a lady. The woman beco...

The Web (1947)

Leopold Kroner (Fritz Leiber, Sr.), formerly of Colby Enterprises, is released after five years in prison for embezzlement. Andrew Colby (Price), claiming that Kroner has threatened him, hires lawyer Bob Regan (Edmond O'Brien) as a personal bodyguard. That evening, Regan hears a gunshot from Colb...

The Long Night (1947)

A dead man tumbles down a flight of stairs. When the police arrive at the top-floor apartment of Joe Adams, he shoots at them through the door. The sheriff calls in reinforcements and sets up snipers on nearby rooftops. Adams, in his room, begins a recollection of the events leading up to this, b...

Shock (1946)

The film tells the story of a psychiatrist, Dr. Cross (Vincent Price), who is treating a young woman, Janet Stewart (Anabel Shaw), who is in a coma-state, brought on when she heard loud arguing, went to her window and saw a man strike his wife with a candlestick and kill her. It also stars Lynn B...

Dragonwyck (1946)

The story picks up in the year 1844, on a farm in Greenwich, Connecticut. Farmer's daughter Miranda Wells (Gene Tierney) is brought up by her strait-laced low church parents, Ephraim (Walter Huston) and Abigail (Anne Revere). Miranda, a budding young woman, lives on the farm with her family, but ...

Leave Her to Heaven (1945)

The film begins with novelist Richard Harland (Cornel Wilde) returning to his remote island home Back of the Moon after two years in prison. His approach there dissolves to an extended flashback running almost the entire duration of the film narrated by Harland's friend and attorney (Ray Collins)...

A Royal Scandal (1945)

A Royal Scandal, also known as Czarina, is a 1945 film about the love life of Russian Empress (Czarina) Catherine the Great. It stars Tallulah Bankhead, Charles Coburn, Anne Baxter, and William Eythe. The film was based on the play Die zarin (The Czarina) by Lajos Biró and Melchior Lengyel.

Laura (1944)

New York City police detective Mark McPherson (Dana Andrews) is investigating the murder of beautiful and highly successful advertising executive, Laura Hunt (Gene Tierney). Laura has been killed by a shotgun blast to the face, just inside the doorway to her apartment, before the start of the fil...

The Keys of the Kingdom (1944)

This is the 136-minute chronicle of a Scottish priest (Peck), who is assigned a mission in China, the story spanning sixty years from 1878 to 1938.

The Eve of St. Mark (1944)


Wilson (1944)

The story begins in 1909, a time when Wilson (Alexander Knox) is best known as the head of Princeton University and the author of several books on the democratic process. Urged into running for Governor of New Jersey by the local political machine, Wilson soon proves that he is his own man, behol...

The Song of Bernadette (1943)

François Soubirous (Roman Bohnen), a former miller now unemployed, is forced to take odd jobs and live at the city jail with his wife (Anne Revere), his two sons, and his two daughters. One morning he goes to find work, and is told to take contaminated trash from the hospital and dump it in the c...

Hudson's Bay (1941)

A trapper, Pierre Esprit Radisson, and his friend, nicknamed "Gooseberry," hope to open a trading post in the Hudson's Bay region of northeastern Canada in the year 1667. They meet the jailed Lord Edward Crewe, a nobleman from England who has been banished from that country by King Charles II. T...

Brigham Young (1940)

The story begins in frontier-town Nauvoo, Illinois in 1844. It follows the main body of the Church as they are forced to leave Illinois, choosing to settle temporarily in Nebraska and then to travel by wagon train to the Great Basin. Much of the story's plot revolves around two of the group, John...

The Invisible Man Returns (1940)

Sir Geoffrey Radcliffe (Vincent Price) is sentenced to death for the murder of his brother Michael, a crime he did not commit. Dr. Frank Griffin, the brother of the original invisible man, injects the prisoner with an invisibility drug. As Radcliffe's execution nears, he suddenly vanishes from hi...

The House of the Seven Gables (1940)

The plot of the film differs dramatically from the plot of the novel on which it is based. The film opens with the camera focused on a book. As the pages of the book are turned, the audience learns the story of the Pyncheon family. Colonel Jaffrey Pyncheon, a family ancestor, accused a poor carp...

Green Hell (1940)

Green Hell is a 1940 adventure film directed by James Whale with photography by Karl Freund. The cast includes Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Joan Bennett, John Howard, George Sanders, Alan Hale, Sr., Vincent Price and Ray Mala. The film was released by Universal Studios. Whale made only one more comple...