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Wes Studi

Wes Studi

Birthdate: December 17, 1947

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wesley "Wes" Studi (born December 17, 1947) is an American Cherokee actor, who has earned notability for his portrayals of Native Americans in film. He has appeared in well-received Academy Award-winning films, such as Kevin Costner's Dances with Wolves, Michael Mann's The Last of the Mohicans, the award-winning Geronimo: An American Legend and the Academy Award-nominated fi... ...detailed bio


Hostiles (2017)


A Million Ways To Die In The West (2014)

From wikipedia, Set in Arizona 1882, Albert (Seth MacFarlane) is a sheep farmer who lacks courage, loses his beloved girlfriend (Amanda Seyfried) as a result of his withdrawal from a duel. He soon meets another lady (Charlize Theron), and discovers his bravery and confidence. The herder soon real...

The Undying (2009)

Seduced by the ghost of a Civil War soldier, Barbara Haughton creates a love that is undying.

The Only Good Indian (2009)

The story is set in Kansas during the early 1900s. A teenaged Native American boy (newcomer Winter Fox Frank) is taken from his family and forced to attend a distant Indian `training` school to assimilate into White society. When he escapes to return to his family, Sam Franklin (Wes Studi), a bou...

Call of the Wild (2009)

A modern-day retelling of Jack London's classic novel. A recently widowed man in Montana takes his granddaughter in for several weeks while her parents are out of the country. When a wild wolf (Wolf-dog hybrid) shows up injured on the back porch one night, the granddaughter wants to take it back ...

Avatar (2009)

By 2154, humans have severely depleted Earth's natural resources. The Resources Development Administration (RDA) mines for a valuable mineral – unobtanium – on Pandora, a densely forested habitable moon orbiting the gas giant Polyphemus in the Alpha Centauri star system. Pandora, whose atmosphere...

Older Than America (2008)

The truth of the past come to light in a series of haunting visions in this drama. The strange visions grow more vivid with each passing day, a young woman of Native American heritage begins piecing together a Catholic priests diabolical plot to prevent her mother from revealing the atrocities th...

El Camino (2008)

Three young people drive drive to Mexico to scatter their friend's ashes.

Three Priests (2008)

Dusty and Joe are brothers as different as can be. Dusty, a confident bronco rider and ladies' man, has always dominated the shy, younger Joe, who struggles with his place in the family and his feelings of insecurity. Their parents, retired sheriff Jake and his wife Rachel, work to keep the famil...

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee (2007)

The plot, which is based on events covered by several chapters of Brown's book as well as other sources, revolves around four main characters: Charles Eastman né Ohiyesa (Adam Beach), a young, mixed-race Sioux doctor educated at Dartmouth and Boston University, who is held up as proof of the succ...

Seraphim Falls (2007)

In 1868, within the Ruby Mountains, Gideon (Pierce Brosnan) roasts hare over an open fire. Suddenly, gunshots ring out with one striking his left arm. He grabs what he can and races down the mountain. His attackers emerge from their cover to inspect his campsite. Colonel Morsman Carver (Liam Nees...

The New World (2005)

In 1607, Pocahontas, (Q'orianka Kilcher) the daughter of Chief Powhatan, and others from her tribe witness the arrival of three ships sent by English royal charter to found a colony in the New World. Aboard one of the ships is Captain John Smith (Colin Farrell), below decks, in chains. While init...

Miracle at Sage Creek (2005)

Two families overcome prejudice and tragedy in 1888 Wyoming when a special Christmas miracle saves the life of a small boy.

Animal (2005)

Ving Rhames- James "Animal" Allen Terrence Howard – Darius Allen Jim Brown – Berwell Chazz Palminteri – Kassada Wes Studi - Creeper Black Child – Spyda Taraji P. Henson – Ramona

The Alamo (2004)

The film begins in March 1836 in the Texas town of San Antonio de Bexar (now Downtown San Antonio in the U.S. state of Texas), site of the Alamo, where bodies of Texan defenders and Mexican attackers are strewn over the Alamo. The film then flashes back to a year earlier. Sam Houston (Dennis Quai...

Edge of America (2004)

Edge of America is an American culture and travel show on the Travel Channel, hosted by and starring Geoff Edgers. The show features Edgers, an arts and entertainment reporter for The Boston Globe, on a journey through America in search of strange and unique forms of entertainment and culture. Ed...

American Mystery! Coyote Waits (2003)

A Navajo shaman is the prime suspect in a murder case in this drama from PBS. But as Officer Jim Chee investigates the case he discovers some unusual events that perplex the veteran lawman, leading to an intriguing climax.

SuperFire (2002)

A firefighter pilot blames himself for the death of his previous colleagues and gets a new assignment with a raging forest fire in Portland, Oregon, that has the whole city in jeopardy.

Skinwalkers (2002)

Joe Leaphorn, a seasoned cop accustomed to the ways of Phoenix, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque, has returned to the Navajo reservation. Recovering from cancer, his wife, Emma, feels rejuvenated by her home's landscape and people. Leaphorn is less sure about their return. Well schooled in urban policin...

Undisputed (2002)

George ‘Iceman’ Chambers, former Undisputed Heavyweight Boxing Champion, is convicted of rape and sentenced to a new prison in the desert called Sweetwater Prison. Chambers is quick to throw around his status as a champion boxer. The prison has a system where every 6 months, a boxing match happen...