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William Farnum

William Farnum

Birthdate: July 4, 1876

Deathdate: June 5, 1953

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia William Farnum (July 4, 1876 in Boston, Massachusetts – June 5, 1953 in Hollywood, California) was a major movie actor. One of three brothers, Farnum grew up in a family of actors. He made his acting debut at the age of ten in Richmond, Virginia in a production of Julius Caesar, with Edwin Booth playing the title character. His first major success was as the title character o... ...detailed bio


Hollywood Story (1951)

A producer takes over a small film studio and - sensing that it'll be a good movie- begins investigating an old murder of a silent film star shot in his office years ago. He finds that his life is threatened as he digs deeper into the mystery.

Samson and Delilah (1949)

Samson, a Hebrew placed under Nazirite vows from birth by his mother, is engaged to a Philistine woman named Semadar. At their engagement, Samson loses a bet with his wedding guests (owing by a large part to Semadar) and attacks thirty Philistines to strip them of their cloaks to pay his betting ...

God's Country (1946)

== Cast == Robert Lowery as Lee Preston/Leland Bruce

Captain Kidd (1945)

In 1699, William Kidd (Charles Laughton), a ruthless pirate who has recently captured the ship The Twelve Apostles and killed its crew, presents himself at the court of King William III (Henry Daniell) as an honest shipmaster seeking royal backing. With this backing, he recruits a crew from the i...

The Mummy's Curse (1944)

The Southern Engineering Company is trying to drain the swamp of Cajun Country for the public good. However, the efforts are being hampered by the superstitions of the workers, who believe the area to be haunted by the mummy and his bride. Two representatives of the Scripps Museum, Dr. James Hals...

A Woman's Face (1941)

Set in Sweden, the film is shown in flashbacks in the course of a trial in which a young woman with a half-hidden face, Anna Holm, is charged with murder. The events, as described by the witnesses, begin years before when aristocrat Torsten Barring hosts a party at a tavern. The guests include Ve...

South of the Border (1939)

A federal agent (Gene Autry) and his partner (Smiley Burnette) hang out in Mexico to check a revolution.

Undersea Kingdom (1936)

The plot revolves around the main character "Crash" Corrigan trying to stop an evil tyrant ruler of Atlantis from conquering the lost continent and then the entire upper world. Lieutenant Crash Corrigan, in his last year at Annapolis, is invited by Billy Norton to visit his father, Professor N...

The Eagle's Brood (1935)

When the outlaw El Toro saves Hoppy's life, Hoppy agrees to find his missing grandson.

The Scarlet Letter (1934)

Hesther Prynne has a child out of wedlock and refuses to name the father (who is a respected citizen). For this, she is sentenced to wear a red letter "A" (for adultery). Her husband is long missing and presumed dead. When the husband returns and finds his wife with another man's child, he sets o...

Mr. Robinson Crusoe (1932)

The film opens with a title card that reads "From the time Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden, man has vainly sought to find solace, comfort and earthly pleasures in an artificial world of his own creation. Down through the ages has come that eternal heritage of the urge in every ...

The Drifter (1932)

The Drifter is a 1932 American film directed by William A. O'Connor.

The Painted Desert (1931)

For other uses, see Painted Desert The Painted Desert (1931) is a film released by RKO Radio Pictures which marks the debut of Clark Gable in a talkie. Gable's performance as Rance Brett, an unshaven former criminal who does not feel sorry about the crimes he has committed, made him an important ...

A Connecticut Yankee (1931)

A Connecticut Yankee is a 1931 American film adaptation of Mark Twain's 1889 novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. It was directed by David Butler to a script by William M. Conselman, Owen Davis, and Jack Moffitt. It was produced by Fox Film Corporation (later 20th Century Fox), who ...