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Wolfgang Preiss

Wolfgang Preiss

Birthdate: February 27, 1910

Deathdate: November 27, 2002

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wolfgang Preiss (27 February 1910 at Nuremberg - 27 November 2002 at Baden-Baden) was a German theatre, film and television actor. The son of a teacher, in the early 1930s Preiss studied philosophy, German and drama. He also took private acting classes with Hans Schlenck, making his stage début in Munich in 1932. He went to appear in various theatre productions in Heidelber... ...detailed bio


Dr. M (1990)

In the near future, a deadly epidemic is infecting people throughout West Berlin, leading to people taking their own lives to avoid catching it. All the media reports seem like unusual propaganda. No one knows what to do or how to help, except for one police officer who suspects that the suicides...

Fantasma d'amore (1981)

Fantasma d'amore is a 1981 Italian drama film directed by Dino Risi.

The Formula (1980)

The film opens in the final days of World War II as the Russians are on the outskirts of Berlin. A German SS general (Richard Lynch) is dispatched to the Swiss border with top secret materials, with orders to hide them from the Allies. In contemporary Los Angeles, Lt. Barney Caine (George C. Sco...

The Master Touch (1972)

Douglas plays a safe cracker who has just been released from prison. His faithful and beautiful wife has waited for his release. He attempts what he plans to be one last burglary of a safe in the top floor of a Hamburg building. He calculates that even if unsuccessful, a prison sentence would be ...

Raid on Rommel (1971)

Libya 1943, British Army Captain Alex Foster allows himself to be captured by a German convoy transporting British prisoners. Once integrated with the prisoners, Forster plans to take over the convoy with the help of the prisoners and redirect it towards the Libyan port town of Tobruk. In a journ...

The Fifth Cord (1971)

The Fifth Cord (Italian: Giornata nera per l'ariete; also known as Evil Fingers and Silent Killer) is a 1971 Italian giallo film directed by Luigi Bazzoni. The Italian title, which literally means "black day for the ram", reprises Dario Argento's practice of using animals in the titles of his thr...

Hannibal Brooks (1969)

Stephen "Hannibal" Brooks (Oliver Reed) is a British prisoner of war officer put to work in a Munich zoo, looking after an Asian elephant called Lucy. When the zoo is bombed by the Americans the zoo's director (Eric Jelde) determines it is unsafe for the elephant to remain there. So he sends Broo...

With the Lives of Others (1966)


Is Paris Burning? (1966)

The film opens shortly after the 20 July plot as general Dietrich von Choltitz (Gert Fröbe) is appointed military governor of occupied Paris by Adolf Hitler (Billy Frick). Hitler believes von Choltitz will obey his order to not let the Allies capture Paris without the Germans destroying it comple...

Von Ryan's Express (1965)

Colonel Joseph L. Ryan (Frank Sinatra) is a US pilot whose P-38 Lightning is shot down. He is captured by Italian troops and taken to an Italian prisoner-of-war camp in Italy, run by the cruel Blackshirt Major Battaglia (Adolfo Celi). The camp is populated mainly by British prisoners (9th Battali...

The Train (1964)

In 1944, art masterpieces stolen by the German Army from French museums are being shipped to Germany; the officer in charge of the operation, Colonel Franz von Waldheim (Paul Scofield), is an ardent art lover and is determined to take the art to Germany, no matter the cost. After the Germans remo...

Cave of the Living Dead (1964)

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La Fayette (1962)

La Fayette is a 1961 French-Italian biographical film directed by Jean Dréville and starring Pascale Audret, Jack Hawkins and Orson Welles. The film depicts the life of Gilbert du Motier, marquis de Lafayette, in particular his role in the American War of Independence.

Die unsichtbaren Krallen des Dr. Mabuse (1962)

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The Counterfeit Traitor (1962)

Erickson (Holden) is an American-born Swedish oil man who is pressured by Allied intelligence agents, led by an acerbic British agent (Griffith), to spy for the Allies. Erickson begins his job reluctantly, as it causes marital discord and forces him to pose as a Nazi. He agrees because otherwise ...

The Terror of Doctor Mabuse (1962)

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Im Stahlnetz des Dr. Mabuse (1961)

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Darkness Fell On Gotenhafen (1960)

The film depicts the first month of 1945 when the Russian Red Army broke into the eastern part of Germany and forced millions of civilians to flee in the coldest of winter. While the Russians invaded Ostpreussen hundred of thousands of civilians were evacuated by ships. Gotenhafen was the last op...

Mill of the Stone Women (1960)

Mill of the Stone Women (Italian: Il mulino delle donne di pietra) is a 1960 Italian-French international co-production horror film directed by Giorgio Ferroni and starring: Pierre Brice and Scilla Gabel.

The Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse (1960)

A reporter is killed in his car on his way to work. Inspector Kras gets a call from his informant Peter Cornelius, a blind fortune-teller, who had a vision of the crime but not the perpetrator. Meanwhile, Henry Travers, a rich American industrialist, checks into the Luxor Hotel, which has been ou...