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Woody Strode

Woody Strode

Birthdate: July 25, 1914

Deathdate: December 31, 1994

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Woodrow Wilson Woolwine "Woody" Strode (July 25, 1914 – December 31, 1994) was a decathlete and football star who went on to become a pioneering black American film actor. He was nominated for a Golden Globe award for best supporting actor for his role in Spartacus in 1960. He served in the US Army during World War II. Description above from the Wikipedia article Woody S... ...detailed bio


Posse (1993)

In 1898, Buffalo Soldiers from the U.S. Army's 10th Cavalry Regiment, led by Jessie Lee (Mario Van Peebles), are fighting in the Spanish-American War in Cuba. As the segregated African-American unit is barely holding its own against constant attacks from enemy troops, Jesse runs back to the comma...

A Gathering of Old Men (1987)

A Gathering of Old Men is a 1987 American television drama film directed by Volker Schlöndorff and based on the novel of the same name. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival.

Jungle Warriors (1984)

Jungle Warriors, AKA The Czar of Brazil (Euer Weg führt durch die Hölle on Germany) is an action film, released in USA on November 1984. The movie was shot on Mexico and the old West Germany, but recreating the scenario of a South American jungle. Though is not a well-known film, it stars -among ...

The Black Stallion Returns (1983)

The story begins with several odd occurrences at the farm where the Black, Alec (Kelly Reno), and his mother (Teri Garr) live. A suspicious barn fire is followed by the theft of the horse. From the point of view of Ishak (Ferdy Mayne), the sheik who took him, this is property retrieval; the horse...

Vigilante (1983)

Eddie Marino (Robert Foster) is a factory worker in New York City. He has a wife named Vickie (Rutanya Alda) and an eight-year-old son named Scott. Eddie's friend and co-worker, Nick (Fred Williamson), and two other co-workers, named Burke and Ramon, have formed a secret vigilante group because N...

Invaders of the Lost Gold (1982)

A group of Japanese WWII soldiers transporting a gold shipment are captured and fight against a savage cannibal tribe. Years later, an expedition heads back into the jungle to locate the lost gold.

Cuba Crossing (1980)

Cuba Crossing is a 1980 action film directed by Chuck Workman and distributed by Troma Entertainment. The plot features Robert Vaughn, Stuart Whitman, and Michael V. Gazzo as adventurers who get caught up in a plot to kill Fidel Castro.

Jaguar Lives! (1979)

A world's new kung-fu hero (Joe Lewis) is out to stop drug dealers, gangs and help save the world from an evil con (Christopher Lee).

Kingdom of the Spiders (1977)

Robert "Rack" Hansen (William Shatner), a veterinarian in rural Verde Valley, Arizona, United States, receives an urgent call from a local farmer, Walter Colby (Woody Strode). Colby is upset because his prize calf has become sick for no apparent reason, and brings the animal to Hansen's laborator...

Keoma (1977)

After the U.S. Civil War, Keoma (Nero), part Indian and part white, returns to his home town to find his half-brothers in alliance with a petty tyrant named Caldwell. Caldwell and his gang rule over the town with an iron fist. With the help of his father and George, an old Black friend, he vows r...

Loaded Guns (1975)

An air hostess gets involved in Naples, against her will, in the in-fighting amongst rival gangs.

The Gatling Gun (1973)

Doctor Gatling invented a war machine to beat all arrows, and guns.

The Italian Connection (1972)

Small-time pimp Luca Canali (Mario Adorf) is hunted by both local mobsters and two killers (Henry Silva and Woody Strode) sent by the New York mafia after a shipment of heroin fails to arrive. But it becomes apparent he is not as soft as he appears as a deadly cat-and-mouse game is played out on ...

Chuck Moll (1970)

Chuck Moll (Italian: Ciakmull - L'uomo della vendetta, also known as Ciak Mull and The Unholy Four) is a 1970 Italian spaghetti western. The film rapresents the directorial debut of Enzo Barboni, that was, until then, a respected cinematographer. He replaced Ferdinando Baldi, who was fired by the...

Boot Hill (1969)

Running from his pursuers, Cat Stevens (Terence Hill) hides in a circus where Thomas (Woody Strode) is working. Cat manages to escape, but Thomas' son is killed by a murderous gunman. Seeking revenge, Thomas searches for Cat, and then together go to meet with Hutch Bessy (Bud Spencer) and his mut...

Black Jesus (1968)

Black Jesus (Italian: Seduto alla sua destra) is a 1968 Italian drama film directed by Valerio Zurlini based on the life of Patrice Lumumba. It was listed to compete at the 1968 Cannes Film Festival, but the festival was cancelled due to the events of May 1968 in France.

Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)

The film portrays two conflicts that take place around Flagstone, a fictional town in the American Old West: a land battle related to construction of a railroad, and a mission of vengeance against a cold-blooded killer. The main storyline revolves around a struggle for Sweetwater, a piece of land...

Shalako (1968)

A hunting party composed of European aristocrats is led into Apache territory in 1880 New Mexico by their guide, Bosky Fulton. When a French countess, Irina Lazaar, wanders off by herself, she is confronted by Indians, only to be rescued by Shalako, a former Cavalry officer sent by the Army to gu...

7 Women (1966)

In rural China, in 1935, all but one of the white residents of a remote Christian missionary post are women. Miss Agatha Andrews (Margaret Leighton) is the head of the mission, assisted by Miss Argent (Mildred Dunnock). Charles Pether (Eddie Albert) is a mission teacher; his peevish, middle-aged ...

The Professionals (1966)

In the latter period of the Mexican Revolution, Rancher J.W. Grant (Ralph Bellamy) hires four men, who are all experts in their respective fields, to rescue his kidnapped wife, Maria (Claudia Cardinale) from Jesus Raza (Jack Palance), a former Mexican Revolutionary leader turned bandit. Team lea...