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Yvette Mimieux

Yvette Mimieux

Birthdate: January 8, 1942

?From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yvette Carmen Mimieux (born January 8, 1942) is a retired American movie and television actress. Description above from the Wikipedia article Yvette Mimieux, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia ...detailed bio


Circle of Power (1984)

Yvette Mimieux plays the chief executive of a giant corporation called "Mystique", but the organization is also known as "Executive Development Training", or EDT. Christopher Allport plays Jack Nilsson, a decent all-American young executive. Top management executives are required to spend a we...

Obsessive Love (1984)

No overview found.

Disaster on the Coastliner (1979)

Seeking revenge, a railroad employee puts two passenger trains on a collision course in this made-for-TV disaster movie.

The Black Hole (1979)

Nearing the end of a long mission exploring deep space, the USS spacecraft Palomino is returning to Earth. The crew consists of Captain Dan Holland, First Officer Lieutenant Charlie Pizer, journalist Harry Booth, ESP-sensitive scientist Dr. Kate McCrae, the expedition's civilian leader Dr. Alex D...

Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell (1978)

The Barry family acquire a new puppy after their old one dies in an accident. They buy the puppy from a seemingly friendly fruit vendor who is actually a satanist who bred the dog during an evil ceremony, causing it to be possessed. They sell the dog to wreak havoc in the hope Satan will overcome...

Snowbeast (1977)

A ski resort in the Colorado Rockies has its annual winter carnival spoiled by the brutal murders of a series of vacationers by an unknown animal. The local sheriff (Clint Walker) believes that the culprit is a legendary creature, a yeti or sasquatch. The owner of the ski resort declares there is...

Jackson County Jail (1976)

Jackson County Jail is an American exploitation action thriller film from 1976 directed by Michael Miller, starring Tommy Lee Jones, Yvette Mimieux and Lisa Copeland. The film has become a cult movie. In 1996 it was selected by film director Quentin Tarantino for the first Quentin Tarantino Film ...

The Neptune Factor (1973)

Marine scientists prepare to leave their underwater Sealab after an extended stay performing oceanographic research. An underwater earthquake interrupts their plans. Dr. Andrews (Walter Pidgeon) enlists experimental sub captain Adrien Blake (Ben Gazzara) to survey the damage and rescue the oceana...

Skyjacked (1972)

Global Airways Flight 502—using a Boeing 707—takes off as a routine flight from Oakland, California, to Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota, with Captain Henry O'Hara (Charlton Heston) and his flight crew at the controls. In the middle of the flight, Captain O'Hara becomes aware of a bomb threat when ...

The Delta Factor (1970)

A glamorous CIA agent, Kim Stacy, gets a new assignment. She is to work with a man named Morgan, a convict serving time for the theft of $40 million that was never recovered. Morgan is given a chance to earn a reduced sentence by aiding in the rescue of a scientist who has been taken prisoner on ...

Three in the Attic (1968)

Paxton Quigley (Christopher Jones), a renowned womanizer, is a student at the fictional Willard College for Men, located one mile away from the fictional Fulton College for women. The schools are located in small college communities in the middle of Vermont. After meeting at a Zeta Chi (ZX) frate...

Dark of the Sun (1968)

Sometime in the mid-1960's, mercenary Bruce Curry (Rod Taylor) is hired by Congolese President Ubi (Calvin Lockhart) supposedly to rescue the European residents of an isolated town about to be attacked by rebel Simbas. But in reality his pressing mission is to retrieve diamonds, worth fifty milli...

Monkeys, Go Home! (1967)

Monkeys, Go Home! is a 1967 Disney film directed by Andrew V. McLaglen. The movie stars Maurice Chevalier and Yvette Mimieux. Dean Jones plays Hank Dussard, the new owner of an olive grove, who brings in chimp labor, upsetting the other workers. Hank eventually gains the town's confidence with th...

Diamond Head (1963)

Richard "King" Howland is a swaggering bigot land-baron living on the Big Island of Hawaii. He objects when his sister, Sloan Howland, announces she plans to marry Paul Kahana, a native Hawaiian, even though Richard is having a torrid affair with an Asian woman, Mai Chen. During Sloan and Paul's ...

The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm (1962)

The story focuses on the Grimm brothers, Wilhelm (Laurence Harvey) and Jacob (Karlheinz Böhm), and is biographical and fantastical at the same time. Both are working to finish a history for a local Duke (Oscar Homolka), though Wilhelm is more interested in collecting fairy tales and often spends ...

Light in the Piazza (1962)

While taking a summer holiday in Florence with her mother, 26 year old Clara meets and falls in love with a young Italian Fabrizio Naccarelli, played by George Hamilton. Fabrizio is blinded by his love for Clara and believes her mental disability to be simple naivety. Meg tries to explain her dau...

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1962)

For this adaptation of the book, the time was changed from World War I to World War II.

The Time Machine (1960)

On January 5, 1900, four friends arrive for a dinner at a house located near London, but their host, H. George Wells, is absent. As requested, they begin without him, but then George staggers in, exhausted and disheveled. He begins to recount his adventures since they last met on New Year's Eve, ...

Where the Boys Are (1960)

The main focus of Where the Boys Are is the "coming of age" of four girl students at a Midwestern university during spring vacation. As the film opens, Merritt Andrews, the smart and assertive leader of the quartet, expresses the opinion in class that premarital sex might be something young women...