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Christelle Tabet

"I blame you Hollywood for showing me things you never should show a young girl in a cruel world!" Graphic Designer. Movie-Freak. TV Shows. Music. Books.
  • Beirut - Lebanon


The first movie was fantastic but this one is even better!
I loved every moment of it, and the cast was amazing especially Kat Dennings (Max from 2 Broke Girls) who made me laugh really hard, and Chris Hemsworth! That freaking God kills me *sigh* but who I enjoyed the most was Natalie Portman, because it's been a very long time since she was in a movie! Oh and by the way, it's the first time I see her on the big...


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Next weekend if the odds were in my favor :P

haha nshalla they'll be:p

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Re-rated it from 3 to 4 it after I re-watched it

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