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On October 14, 2011, airline captain and recreational drug user Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington) awakens in his Orlando hotel room with flight attendant Katerina Márquez (Velazquez) after a night of sex, alcohol, and little sleep. After using cocaine to wake up, he boards SouthJet Flight 227 as ...


Normally, I am a huge fan of Denzel Washington. While watching "Flight", I could see more and more how much he was struggling to make the best of what turned out to be a terrible movie.

"Flight" was, actually, terrible even BEFORE its theatrical release. The trailer, which only shows a select few scenes of dialogue, is dominated by the plane crash scene. One would think that such prominence would mean more scenes like it in the actual movie, but this is not the case. Instead, it's a film about an alcoholic (Washington) and a recovering heroin addict (Reilly) who don't really learn anything. In fact, Washington's character even reverts back to his earlier drunken and drugged state, despite so much riding on his sobriety. Furthermore, his final act of "redemption" is an empty gesture, as he really hasn't learned a thing. Some may say otherwise during the film's epilogue, but his on-screen revelation could easily be misconstrued for "optimistic resignation" rather than true change.

That is not to say that 'Flight' didn't have its moments. The plane crash scene is actually quite good cinemtographically; the cacophony one would expect from a plane crash is meted out artistically between screams of passengers and beeps of alarms and an almost transcendent silence.

All in all, don't waste your money on seeing 'Flight' in theaters. Borrow it from a friend if you want, but the only good feeling it will leave you with is the solace that your life doesn't suck as much as the protagonist's.

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