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20 Movie Franchises That Ended Too Soon

20 Movie Franchises That Ended Too Soon

Created by Hp Sheikh

Whedon was hopeful that “everyone would return for a sequel”, and stated that a follow-up would focus on Book’s backstory as well as bounty hunter Jubal Early. Sadly, lacklustre box office returns for the film mean that a sequel is all but dead.

Despite the big names involved, Mystery Men was all but ignored by mass audiences upon release, meaning nobody would fund a follow-up.

Zane was all signed up and good to go on a number of sequels. Sadly, low ticket sales for the first Phantom meant he never got the call to come back.

A sequel would have continued Dastan’s sandy quests, armed with the Dagger of Time. Unfortunately, bleak box office returns on the original all-but doomed the prospects of a follow-up.

“There are many more stories to be told with old Hornhead and we’d love to tell them someday,” said producer Kevin Feige in 2004. Meanwhile, Affleck stated he’d only return if the series went darker. By 2006, he’d bid the potential franchise farewell for good.

Universal president Ron Meyer personally asked director Stephen Sommers if he’d sign up for a sequel. That idea was abandoned when the film opened to a dismal $51m.

A potential franchise was canceled when The Assassin failed to do well at the box office.

Everything that could go wrong and prevent a sequel did. Fox dumped many of the defining comic-book elements for the film. A writer sued the company for having a similar script to his. Sean Connery hated his director… After all that, Moore turned his back on Hollywood.

Considering the film was nominated for a whopping 10 Golden Raspberries (it won one – Worst Remake), you’d have to be mad to take on a sequel.

There was plenty of material from the book series that could have been developed in any sequels to Chronicles. Sadly, the film’s box office returns, though strong, failed to meet the Harry Potter-levels that Paramount was looking for. End of franchise.

The Subtle Knife is the second in Pullman’s trilogy. But lacklustre reviews for Golden Compass – which had much of its more controversial stuff snipped out for the big screen – means we’ll never see it with this cast and crew.

“Personally I’d like to do another Doom movie – I thought working with it was a blast,” said video game developer Todd Hollenshead in 2008. It’s still yet to happen – probably because nobody would dare fund it.

Myers was so confident about turning Guru into a franchise that he was talking about a trilogy before production on the first film had even kicked in. Sadly, the film was a critical and box office flop.

Lionsgate were keen to sign Miller up for two sequels to The Spirit. When the film landed and was ravaged by critics, though, they quickly changed their minds…

Travolta had ambitiously planned a sequel to his sci-fi extravaganza, but the catastrophic reviews the film received (not to mention a pathetic $30m at the box office) soon killed that idea.

A sequel was being prepared – an adaptation of second book The Power Of Six, but poor returns for I Am Number Four meant it was all but forgotten about at Disney.

Though the original tipped Titanic off the box office top spot, Lost In Space suffered scathing reviews and a lacklustre BO haul. So the idea of a sequel is aborted.

Considering there’s an entire series of books under the Lemony Snicket umbrella, Paramount was clearly looking to set up a franchise. The film’s failure to hit Harry Potter-style box office success doomed it as a franchise, however.

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