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Leo DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors and here's my list of his movies from the ones I like the most to the least

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I can't find a more perfect career than leo's, he worked with martin scorsese, steven spielberg, quentin tarantino, woody allen, christopher nolan, clint eastwood, james cameron, sam mandez, ridley scott, danny boyle. Movies such as titanic, inception, the departed and django unchained i think after 100 year when AFI will do her list of 100 film they will be on it and more yet to come with the most waited the wolf of wall street. the only thing I wish if he had done some romantic comedy I dunno I have this fantasy of him instead of mathiew mccaunoghey in how to lose a guy in 10 days with kate hudson, this would have been perfect. ANW it still is perfect P.S: i still wanna watch the basketball diaries and celebrity

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the basketball diaries is a great movie

i wanna watch is so bad and ur not making it any easy by saying this :p

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