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Movies I have read

Created by Christelle Tabet

A decent movie for a very good book, the only Paulo Coelho book I ever liked

An amazing adaptation of my first ever FAVORITE novel

I saw this movie before the book, before even watching the first movie

This was a fun mixing of both Dog Days and The Ugly Truth, I wish they do more

One of the few books I've read after watching the movie. Great movie, BORIIIIING novel.

This is one special novel to me and the movie was as good despite the changes

Good and warm movie but they changed a lot!

It's always fun to read a children book especially when you really love the movie

My third favorite book. And the movie is a favorite too

The promotion killed the movie, it was a great and faithful adaptation of one of my favorite books

Very good movie, even though I hated the book.

I read the book because this movie is one of my all time favorites! And it's always fun to know more stuff from the novel

This one was definitely better than the book

Really hated the book but watched it for the cast, and it wasn't bad actually

Awesome YES but so different from the book

I gotta say, it's better than the book. But still CRAP

Nothing like the book but still enjoyable

I hated the book but apparently the story is better seen than read. Good movie

no phucking way black swan is based on a book? no way OMG how on earth couls i miss this i dont believe it

No no Black Swan wasn't a book before the movie, actually the book was released after the movie and it's not exactly a novel, it's a novelic script

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