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Movies That Are REALLY About...

Various films whose meanings need to be gleaned from subtext.

Created by Rhain Leddy

It appears to be about a bug war but, really, it's an allegory of fascism.

The only movie in the series to have a point. This one is less about genetic mutations and more about the inescapability of the modern corporation.

Like all zombie movies, the zombies themselves are a metaphor for inevitability (of death, failure, etc.)

Seems to be about an alien invasion, but the entirety of the action sequences build up to something else: a story of a man (the President) trying to prove himself a leader.

You'd think it would be about airplanes, as the trailer suggested. Instead, it's a story of an alcoholic with poor taste in women learning to be selfless.

Most people cite Uncle Ben's famous phrase about power and responsibility as Spider-Man's thematic focus, but in reality it's an allegory of puberty. Think about it.

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