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If you're a romantic person at heart, and no lovey-dovey line is too cheesy for you, and you absolutely love movies that make you cry tow...

10 movies created by Surashree Kulkarni

Brandon Anzaldi's Personal Favorites.

9 movies created by Brandon

Some of the best gangster movies from my side

7 movies created by Prathamesh Sawant

In alphabetical order; from the ones I have seen & liked.

7 movies created by Grishma Udani

Every semester during exam periods I watch a movie repeatedly (as background noise) while I study.

7 movies created by Rebecca Flores

Theatrical Version,Unrated,Extended And Director's Cut

6 movies created by Hp Sheikh

The best Hollywood adaptations of Broadway musicals

6 movies created by Paula

I know too late but anyways

6 movies created by Deleted User

Some movies

5 movies created by Pritesh Jain

Some movies are just worth the dance numbers and the subtitles.

5 movies created by Paula

List of 85 films you must watch to learn anything about film as per Martin Scorsese

85 movies List Challenge

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