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Movies that mess with your mind.

15 movies created by Spiderkitten

Films Based On Books.

615 movies created by Zeljka

As told to his biographer, Eric Lax. 1 to 16 is his list of Best Films ever made. 16 to 30 is his list of favorite American films. 31 - 4...

44 movies List Challenge


996 movies List Challenge

One of the gifts a movie lover can give another is the title of a wonderful film they have not yet discovered. Here are more than 300 rec...

385 movies List Challenge

Bollywood movies that are copied/inspired from a Hollywood movies.

112 movies created by Hp Sheikh
26 movies List Challenge

Films that are famous for being terrible.

15 movies created by Rhain Leddy

Academy award winning animated films!

11 movies created by Shaman P

Movies that may not be from big studios with big budgets, but mean a lot to me.

5 movies created by Lara Horton

Not safe for work

47 movies created by Hp Sheikh

Indie movies that have caught my attention.

29 movies created by Rhain Leddy

Films that seem to embody the decade thematically, visually, and so forth.

24 movies created by Rhain Leddy

These are the movies which I can watch again and again till death do us part!

18 movies created by Dipanjan Banerjee

Very Disturbing Movies Sick Masterpieces

10 movies created by Hp Sheikh

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