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52 Pick-Up (1986)

aka 52 Pick-Up

"His Wife... His Mistress... His Career... A Deadly Trap."

Directed By: 
Details: 110 mins · English · R (USA)


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Small Harry Mitchell
Small Barbara Mitchell
Small Doreen
Small Alan Raimy
No_movie_poster Leo Franks
No_movie_poster Jim O'Boyle
Small Cini
Small Mark Arveson
No_movie_poster Bobby Shy
No_movie_poster Dan Lowenthal
No_movie_poster Counter Girl
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No_movie_poster Party Goer
Small Party Goer (as Harvey Cowen)
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Small Party Goer (as Ron Jeremy Hyatt)


No_movie_poster Robert F. Shugrue Editor
No_movie_poster Elmore Leonard Novel
No_movie_poster Jost Vacano Cinematography
Small John Frankenheimer Director
Small Menahem Golan Producer
No_movie_poster Yoram Globus Producer
No_movie_poster Gary Chang Music
No_movie_poster John Steppling Screenplay
No_movie_poster Henry T. Weinstein Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Elmore Leonard Story Contributor


"His Wife... His Mistress... His Career... A Deadly Trap."


Harry Mitchell (Roy Scheider) is a successful industrialist living in the suburbs of Los Angeles whose wife Barbara (Ann-Margret) is running for city council while he is having an affair. Harry is confronted by three blackmailers demanding $105,000 for a videotape of him and his mistress, Cini (Kelly Preston).

Because of his wife's political aspirations, he can't go to the police. Harry's lawyer advises him that paying the blackmailers won't likely make them go away, so he refuses to pay. The criminals up the ante by murdering Cini and framing Harry for the murder, demanding $105,000 a year for the rest of his life to keep the evidence they have on him under wraps.

Harry opens his financial records to one of them with a background in accounting, Alan Raimy (John Glover). Seeing that their mark owes money to the government and cannot afford the $105,000, Raimy agrees to accept Harry's counter offer of $52,000, at least as a first payment. Harry then turns the blackmailers against one another, putting his wife's life in grave danger in the process.

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