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A Damsel in Distress (1937)

aka A Damsel in Distress

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Details: 101 mins · English


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Small Jerry Halliday
Small George
No_movie_poster Gracie
Small Lady Alyce Marshmorton
Small Keggs
No_movie_poster Reggie
Small Lady Caroline
Small Lord John Marshmorton
No_movie_poster Albert
No_movie_poster Miss Ruggles


No_movie_poster George Stevens Jr. Director
No_movie_poster P.G. Wodehouse Writer
No_movie_poster George Stevens Director
No_movie_poster Pandro S. Berman Production


Everyone on staff at Tottney Castle knows that the lovely Lady Alyce Marshmorton must marry soon, so a wager is proposed as to the identity of the lucky man. With all the likely candidates already claimed, young footman Albert places a bet on a "Mr. X," someone totally out of the blue.

Lady Alyce secretly has a romantic interest in an American no one from her family has yet met. She leaves the castle one day to venture into London, where by chance she encounters Jerry Halliday. He is an American entertainer, accompanied by press agent George and secretary Gracie, but not well enough known to be recognized by Lady Alyce.

Jerry is incorrectly led to believe that the American this young lady is in love with is him. He goes to the castle, encouraged by Albert but discouraged by Keggs, a scheming butler whose money is on another beau. The closest Jerry can get to Lady Alyce is a castle tour, at least until Albert can sneak him upstairs.

False impressions abound, as Jerry also fails to recognize Lady Alyce's father, the lord of the manor. He gets slapped in the face in a Tunnel of Love, misunderstanding the young lady's intentions entirely. In the end, however, he and Lady Alyce do find romance.