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A Farewell to Arms (1957)

aka A Farewell to Arms

Directed By: 
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Details: 152 mins · English


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Small Lieutenant Frédéric Henry
Small Catherine Barkley
Small Major Rinaldi
No_movie_poster le colonel de la cour martiale
No_movie_poster Capitaine Bassi
Small Dr Emerich
Small Mme Van Campen
Small Helen Ferguson
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No_movie_poster Catherine Barkley
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No_movie_poster Charles Vidor Director
No_movie_poster David O. Selznick Production
No_movie_poster Ben Hecht Writer
Small Ernest Hemingway Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Laurence Stallings Story Contributor


Frederick Henry (Rock Hudson) is an American serving as an ambulance driver for the Italian Army during World War I. While recovering from a wound in a British base hospital in northern Italy, he meets Catherine Barkley (Jennifer Jones), a Red Cross nurse, and the two engage in an affair. Frederick's friend, the doctor, convinces the army that Frederick's knee is more severely wounded than it actually is and the two continue their romance but never get married.

Catherine discovers she is pregnant but after sneaking alcohol into the hospital for Frederick, the head nurse Miss Van Campen (Mercedes McCambridge) discovers the duplicity and separates them. She informs Frederick's superiors that he has fully recovered from his wounds and is ready for active duty. During their separation, Catherine comes to believe Frederick has abandoned her.

Following the Battle of Caporetto, Frederick and his close friend Major Alessandro Rinaldi (Vittorio De Sica) assist the locals in fleeing the invading German/Austrian armies. Along the forced march, several people die or are left behind due to exhaustion. When the two ambulance drivers are finally able to report to a local army base, the commandant assumes they are both deserters from the front. Rinaldi is executed by the Italian military; enraged, Frederick knocks out the kerosene lamps and flees, jumping into the river.

Wanted by the Italian army, Frederick evades capture and meets up with Catherine. They flee Milan to hide out on a lake on the Italian-Swiss border (Lake Lugano or Lake Maggiore). Fearing arrest by the police, Catherine persuades Frederick to flee to Switzerland by rowboat; after some adventures, they land successfully in Switzerland. Claiming to be tourists trying to evade the war, the two are allowed to remain in neutral Switzerland. Catherine's pregnancy progresses but due to the conditions around them, the pregnancy becomes complicated and Catherine is hospitalized. Their child is stillborn, and Catherine dies shortly afterward. Frederick leaves, shocked, and wanders the empty streets.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2005-05-24