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A Rage to Live (1965)

aka A Rage to Live

Directed By: 
Details: 101 mins · English


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Newspaper heiress Grace Caldwell's nymphomania threatens to destroy the reputation of her staid, wealthy Pennsylvania family. As a precocious teenager, she succumbs to the advances of her older brother Brock's friend Charlie Jay, a decision that apparently ignites her passion for all men.

After a series of meaningless dalliances with strange men in cheap motel rooms, she meets San Francisco real estate broker Sidney Tate at a Christmas party. The two fall in love and he proposes marriage, prompting Grace to confess about her past. Despite being taken aback by her candid revelations, Sidney still wants to marry her, and she commits herself to a monogamous relationship, a pledge she keeps for the first few years of their union, which produces a son and a seemingly idyllic life on a farm.

Problems ensue when lusty contractor Roger Bannon, the son of one of her mother's former servants, arrives to repair their barn and seduces Grace. When she eventually tries to end the affair, he becomes enraged, gets drunk, and accidentally crashes his truck, killing himself. Reports of his death include details about his tryst with Grace, prompting her husband to wonder if she also is involved with newspaper editor Jack Hollister, a suspicion shared by Jack's wife Amy. Brandishing a gun, she publicly confronts Grace at a charity event and attempts suicide but is rescued by Sidney who, realizing that Grace never will change, decides the time has come to begin a new life with his son and leaves his wife.