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Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1953)

aka Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

"All New ! All Wild ! All Fun !"

Directed By: 
Details: 76 mins · English


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Small Slim
Small Tubby
Small Dr. Jekyll
Small Bruce Adams
Small Vicky Edwards
Small Inspector
No_movie_poster Batley


No_movie_poster Russell A. Gausman Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Rosemary Odell Costume Design
No_movie_poster Eric Orbom Art Direction
No_movie_poster Bud Westmore Makeup Artist
Small Robert Louis Stevenson Novel
No_movie_poster Charles Lamont Director
No_movie_poster Howard Dimsdale Screenplay
No_movie_poster Sid Fields Screenplay
No_movie_poster Grant Garett Screenplay
No_movie_poster John Grant Screenplay
No_movie_poster Lee Loeb Screenplay
No_movie_poster Howard Christie Producer
No_movie_poster George Robinson Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Russell F. Schoengarth Editor
No_movie_poster Bernard Herzbrun Art Direction
No_movie_poster Jack Kevan Makeup Artist
No_movie_poster Joan St. Oegger Hairstylist


"All New ! All Wild ! All Fun !"


Slim (Bud Abbott) and Tubby (Lou Costello) are American cops in London studying police tactics on the London Police Force. A newspaper reporter, Bruce Adams (Craig Stevens), gets into an altercation at Hyde Park that was instigated by belligerent men who do not believe in women's rights. Vicky Edwards (Helen Westcott), a suffragette gets caught up in the fray due to the fact that she was the leader of the rally gets arrested. Bruce, Vicky, Slim and Tubby all wind up in jail, where Slim and Tubby are kicked off the police force afterwards. Dr. Henry Jekyll (Boris Karloff), Vicky's guardian, bails them out.

Dr. Jekyll has been conducting home experiments in which he injects a potion and transforms into Mr. Hyde, a monster who murders a fellow doctor when he scoffed at Jekyll's experiments. Jekyll has more thoughts of murder when he notices that Vicky and Bruce are mutually attracted. Tubby and Slim decide that in order to get back on the police force they must capture Mr. Hyde. Tubby insists they catch a burglar instead and they chase Mr. Hyde into a music hall, believing him to be a burglar.They begin to chase him with Bruce at their side. Tubby traps Hyde in a wax museum, but by the time he brings the Inspector (Reginald Denny) and Slim to the scene, the monster has already reverted back to Dr. Jekyll. The "good" doctor then asks Slim and Tubby to escort him to his home, where Tubby drinks a potion that transforms him into a large mouse. Slim and Tubby bring news of Jekyll's activities to the Inspector, who refuses to believe them.

Vicky announces her engagement to Bruce and Mr. Hyde reemerges, this time with intent to murder Vicky. Bruce saves her, but Hyde escapes. Tubby accidentally falls onto a serum-filled syringe, transforming Tubby into a Hyde-like monster as well. Bruce chases after Hyde, while Slim pursues Tubby, each believing still that there is only a single monster. Bruce ends up back at Jekyll's home, where Hyde falls from an upstairs window to his death, revealing to everyone his true identity when he reverts to normal form. Slim then brings Tubby (still in monster form) to the Inspector. Before reverting to human form, Tubby bites the Inspector and four officers, transforming them into monsters who begin to chase Slim and Tubby.