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Above and Beyond (1953)

aka Above and Beyond

"The Love Story Behind The Billion Dollar Secret"

Details: 122 mins · English


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Small Lt. Col. Paul W. Tibbets
Small Lucey Tibbets
Small Maj William M. Uanna
No_movie_poster MajGen Vernon C. Brent
Small Capt William Parsons
No_movie_poster Marge Bratton
Small Maj Harry Bratton
No_movie_poster Gen Samuel E. Roberts
Small Dr. Ramsey
Small Dr. Van Dyke
No_movie_poster Dr. Fiske
No_movie_poster Capt Dutch van Kirk
No_movie_poster Maj Thomas Ferebee
No_movie_poster SSgt Wyatt E. Duzenbury


No_movie_poster Norman Panama Director
No_movie_poster Melvin Frank Director
No_movie_poster Norman Panama Production
No_movie_poster Melvin Frank Production
No_movie_poster Norman Panama Writer
No_movie_poster Melvin Frank Writer
No_movie_poster Cotton Warburton Editing


"The Love Story Behind The Billion Dollar Secret"


Col. Paul W. Tibbets, Jr. (Robert Taylor) in 1945, is assigned to a dangerous mission in testing a new bomber, the Boeing B-29 Superfortress. The perilous assignment has caused his wife Lucy (Eleanor Parker) to worry for his life and whether their marriage can survive the constant separations.

After a year of scrutiny, Maj. Gen. Vernon C. Brent (Larry Keating) who not only championed Tibbets as a test pilot, selects him to lead a new unit in the Pacific war, flying the B-29, armed with a new secret weapon. Scientists of the "Manhattan Project" explain what is "the best kept secret of the war," the atomic bomb. Along with Maj. Bill Uanna (James Whitmore), the only other person who knows what the mission will entail, Tibbets is expected to keep strict discipline over the personnel assigned to a B-29 conversion unit at Wendover Field, Utah.

When families of crew members are brought to Wendover, tensions erupt in the Tibbets family due to Lucy's attitude towards her husband's secrecy concerning the mission, as the decision to use the atomic bomb has been made. Flying out to the Pacific island base of Tinian, the B-29 designated for the Hiroshima bombing is named the Enola Gay. Although the mission is a success, as he wrests the aircraft around to escape the aftershock, the realization of the devastation is brought home as Tibbets sees the flash of the bomb and the subsequent atomic blast. Back on Tinian, the crew is mobbed and although a second mission is mounted, the war has been decided by the actions of the B-29 bombers. Tibbets finally returns home, flying first to Washington where he has a joyous reunion with his wife.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2008-03-25