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After the Sunset (2004)

aka After the Sunset

Directed By: 
Details: 97 mins · English, Russian, Español


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Small Max Burdett
Small Lola Cirillo
Small Stan Lloyd
Small Luc
Small Jean-Paul
Small Agent Kowalski
Small FBI Driver
Small Lakers FBI Agent
Small Rowdy Fan
Small Zacharias
No_movie_poster Clippers Fan
No_movie_poster Lakers FBI Agent
Small Henri Mooré
No_movie_poster Referee
Small Himself
Small Sophie
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No_movie_poster Victoria Thomas Casting
No_movie_poster Mark Helfrich Editor
No_movie_poster Rita Ryack Costume Design
No_movie_poster Lalo Schifrin Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Beau Flynn Producer
No_movie_poster Jennifer Williams Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Patrick J. Palmer Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Toby Emmerich Executive Producer
Small Brett Ratner Director
No_movie_poster James M. Freitag Producer
No_movie_poster Dante Spinotti Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Steve Arnold Art Direction
No_movie_poster Geoffrey Kirkland Production Design
No_movie_poster Tripp Vinson Producer
No_movie_poster Jay Stern Producer
No_movie_poster Craig Rosenberg Screenplay
No_movie_poster Keith Goldberg Producer
No_movie_poster Alissa Ferguson Producer
No_movie_poster Chris Pollack Producer
No_movie_poster Paul Zbyszewski Screenplay
No_movie_poster Kent Alterman Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Mark Helfrich Editing


After the Sunset begins with master thief Max Burdett (Pierce Brosnan) and his beautiful accomplice, Lola Cirillo (Salma Hayek), stealing the second of three famous diamonds known as the Napoleon diamonds from FBI Agent Stanley P Lloyd (Woody Harrelson). Max however is shot by Lloyd before he passes out from being gassed by them. Max survives and tells Lola to get the diamond. She does and leaves a one dollar bill in its place. They then retire to Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Their financial future is set, their career in crime a thing of the past. However, Agent Lloyd refuses to believe their retreat into domesticity. After six months, Lloyd shows up, breaks into Max's house, and starts searching for evidence: taking the bullet he shot Max with. Max arrives and points a gun at him while he is relaxing, prompting Lloyd to draw his. They lower their guns and Lloyd accuses Burdett of hiding out in the same place where a cruise ship is displaying the final Napoleon diamond and the only one he hadn't stolen. He thinks the two are planning to lift the third Napoleon diamond, and complete the set. Max denies this and Lloyd leaves with a movie Max thinks he will learn something from. Lola at first suspects Max is getting ready for another job, but he convinces her he isn't because she chose that island. When she discovers the bullet is gone, she tells Max who panics. She tells him she will get it back. She hires two masseuse to get it back and they succeed. She then tells Max to get rid of it.

Burdett unwittingly turns the tables and befriends the frustrated detective Lloyd, showing him the pleasures that Paradise Island has to offer, even paying for the most expensive suite, the bridge suite, for as long as Lloyd was there. Lloyd, out of his element, adapts quickly to the easy-going Caribbean lifestyle. Despite his pleas of innocence, Burdett's curiosity gets the better of him and he starts casing the ship. However, not only does Lloyd suspect that he is ready for ‘one more’ job, so does the local thug, Henri Mooré (Don Cheadle) whose bodyguard threatens Burdett to give him a ride to his boss' where he tries to get him to steal the diamond for him so he can extend his humanitarian business.

Burdett, still wanting the diamond for himself, pretends to work with Mooré, and gives him a fake plan as to how he would steal the diamond (which he earlier related to Stan). Stan however has teamed up with local police constable Sophie (Naomie Harris) to catch Burdett, and tails him to Junkanoo, a local parade, where Max loses him, warning that he shouldn't tail so closely before he is hit in the face by a tuba player swinging his tuba by Max's request. Lola kicks Max out after he breaks his promise to spend their first sunset on her new deck she had been working on and after she finds out he lied about writing his vows to her. Max is forced to bunk with Stan, and they share their thoughts about each other's lives. The next morning, the authorities and Sophie discover them, revealing that Stan's FBI license is suspended.

Later, while eating breakfast, the two come up with a plan to get Sophie and Lola back, involving a scuba diving trip (the scuba diving part Lloyd was unaware of). Mooré's man prepares to attempt to steal the Napoleon diamond, providing a diversion for Burdett to steal it himself. He switches place with an accomplice. Lola later discovers this and cuts off Stan's air supply to keep him from learning it. Meanwhile Henri's man is caught and arrested and Max steals the diamond. He then returns and saves Stan before he dies. On land, Sophie gets the call about the diamond being stolen. Sophie searches Max, but finds nothing. Stan and she angrily leave, while Lola prepares to leave Max. However, she is stopped by Mooré, who threatens to kill her if Max does not tell him where the diamond is. Fortunately, Stan arrives and shoots him twice, killing him. Lola is nevertheless unfazed, and leaves Max anyway. After spending the night alone in their home, he realizes he wants her back, and catches her just before she leaves, promising her she is his only jewel from then on. He then proposes with "the first diamond I ever bought" in his words. She accepts on the condition that she gets the receipt.

The next day, Max is met by Stan while celebrating, who tells him he was never drunk the night Burdett had to bunk with him, and details how he let Max do all the work while he later recovered the diamond. Max concedes that his nemesis has won this time, and is simply happy to live out his life with and watch sunsets with Lola. However, he has fun with Stan when he tries to leave by remote controlling his car again, promising Lola it is the last time.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2004-11-12 : United States of America

DVD : 2005-03-29