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Airplane! (1980)

aka Airplane!

"What's slower than a speeding bullet, and able to hit tall buildings at a single bound?"

Details: 88 mins · English · PG (USA)


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Small Ted Striker
Small Elaine Dickinson
Small Roger Murdock
Small Steve McCroskey
Small Captain Clarence Oveur
Small Dr. Rumack
No_movie_poster Randy
Small Captain Rex Cramer
No_movie_poster Johnny Henshaw
No_movie_poster Religious zealot #6
No_movie_poster Victor Basta
Small Gunderson
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Small Mrs. Hammen
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Small Lieutenant Hurwitz
No_movie_poster Windshield Wiper Man
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No_movie_poster Second Jive Dude
No_movie_poster Young Girl with Coffee


No_movie_poster Jerry Zucker Director
No_movie_poster Howard W. Koch Producer
No_movie_poster Elmer Bernstein Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Jon Davison Producer
No_movie_poster Joel Thurm Casting
No_movie_poster John Frazier Special Effects
No_movie_poster Anne D. McCulley Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Jim Abrahams Director
No_movie_poster Jeff Carson Music Editor
No_movie_poster Conrad E. Palmisano Stunt Coordinator
No_movie_poster David Zucker Director
No_movie_poster Rosanna Norton Costume Design
No_movie_poster Joseph F. Biroc Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Patrick Kennedy Editor
No_movie_poster Ward Preston Production Design
No_movie_poster Edwin Butterworth Makeup Artist
No_movie_poster Joan Phillips Hairstylist
No_movie_poster Maurice Vaccarino Unit Production Manager
No_movie_poster Mike Higelmire Art Department Coordinator
No_movie_poster Clancy T. Troutman Supervising Sound Editor
No_movie_poster Robert Blalack Visual Effects
No_movie_poster Leigh Walsh Stunt Double
No_movie_poster Jim Abrahams Writer
No_movie_poster David Zucker Writer
No_movie_poster Jerry Zucker Writer
No_movie_poster Arthur Hailey Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Hall Bartlett Story Contributor


"What's slower than a speeding bullet, and able to hit tall buildings at a single bound?"

"Thank God It's Only a Motion Picture!"


Ex-fighter pilot and taxi driver Ted Striker (Robert Hays) became traumatized during an unnamed war, leading to a pathological fear of flying. As a result, he is unable to hold a responsible job. His wartime girlfriend, Elaine Dickinson (Julie Hagerty), now a flight attendant, leaves him. Striker nervously boards a flight from Los Angeles to Chicago on which she is serving, hoping to win her back, but she rebuffs him.

After dinner is served, many of the passengers fall ill, and fellow passenger Dr. Rumack (Leslie Nielsen) deduces that the passengers have contracted food poisoning from the fish. The cockpit crew, including pilot Clarence Oveur (Peter Graves) and co-pilot Roger Murdock (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar), have also been affected, leaving no one to fly the plane. Elaine contacts the Chicago control tower for help, and is instructed by tower supervisor Steve McCroskey (Lloyd Bridges) to activate the plane's autopilot, a large inflatable pilot doll, which will get them to Chicago, but will not be able to land the plane. Rumack convinces Ted to fly the plane, though Ted feels unable to handle the pressure and the unfamiliar aircraft.

McCroskey knows that he must get someone else to help talk the plane down and calls Rex Kramer (Robert Stack). Kramer was Ted's commanding officer in the war, and despite their hostile relationship he would be the best choice to instruct Striker. As the plane nears Chicago, Ted is overcome by stress and can only land the plane after a pep talk from Dr. Rumack. Lightning strikes the plane, disabling some of its engines. With Kramer's advice, Ted is able to safely land the plane with only minor injuries to some passengers. Ted's courage rekindles Elaine's love for him, and the two share a kiss. The autopilot takes off in the evacuated plane after inflating a female companion.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1980-07-02 : United States of America

DVD : 2000-10-24